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Practice Management

Leadership, practice ownership, patient management, practice systems and transition.

You have your own vision of what makes an ideal practice. Detail and document your vision with our sample business plans. Use step-by-step checklists for opening, transferring ownership of or closing a practice. Get tips on marketing your practice, patient education tools and more.


Dental Software Transition Checklists

Developed by a long-time information technology veteran and electronic health records expert, these checklists will help you start the transition to a new software.

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Appendix D: Dental Provider Contracts Terms

Term and termination; liability; referrals; utilization review; grievance system

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Chapter 1, Introduction

An overview of how to use the complete guide, what laws apply to dentistry and how they work, and what CDA's attorneys can do for you.

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Chapter 2, Practice Considerations

This Chapter addresses Practice Considerations including but not limited to: Business Structures, Licences & Permits, Contracts, Antitrust, Malpractice, Tax Issues, Office Design and Marketing.

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Chapter 3, Dental Practice Act

Contains answers to frequently asked questions about the CDPA and compliance.

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Chapter 4: Employment Law

Provides answers to a series of questions related to employment laws or requirements. Employers are obligated to understand and comply with these laws.

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Chapter 5, Patient Considerations

This chapter addresses Patient Considerations including but not limited to: Examination and Diagnosis, Communications and Records.

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Chapter 6: Collections and Dental Benefit Plans

Information about payments, collections and dental benefit plans.

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Chapter 7: Regulatory Compliance

This chapter focuses on HIPAA, Cal/OSHA, environmental regulations and more.


Creating a welcoming and safe place for LGBTQ+ patients begins with education and training. Here are some reputable resources to help you learn more about LGBTQIA+ oral health and better serve your LGBTQIA+ patients.  

Managing Delinquent Patient Accounts

Helping navigate some of the best practices you can utilize in your office to manage delinquent accounts and collect past due balances.

Managing Emergency Patients When Your Office is Closed

Dentists are obligated to make reasonable arrangements for the emergency care of patients of record. Dental benefit plans require the same of contracted providers. Failure to make such arrangements may result in charges of patient abandonment. Resource in

Managing Minor Patients: Questions & Answers

Questions and answers on obtaining consent for minor children with divorced parents or no parents, coordination of insurance plans between parents and step-parents, and who can access records of minor children.

Medical Consultation Request

Sample form to request a consultation with a patient’s physician which may be necessary particularly for patients who have chronic conditions.

Mental Health & Wellness

The CDA Wellness Program is available to dentists and dental team members. The program offers confidential 24/7 support.

New Associate Onboarding Checklist

First impressions matter when a new associate joins the team. Few onboarding goals are more critical than providing them with a positive experience in the first days and weeks of their employment.

The following checklist and suggested first-week schedule can be integrated into your practice’s onboarding plan. You may customize the checklist to fit your practice.

New Patient Information Collection

Information a dental practice should collect when creating a New Patient Form during the initial new patient phone call.

New Patient Information Form Bundle

List of forms and information needing completion prior to the patient’s first appointment.

Offering Commercial Credit to Patients

Dental practices that offer patients commercial credit financing products (credit cards, lines of credit or loans) in the dental office are required to disclose certain information and are prohibited from specific practices. 

Office Environment Evaluation Form

Use this form on a quarterly basis to evaluate the appearance of your practice.

Online Review Generation Best Practices

Best practices to manage online reviews and social media accounts.

Opening & Closing Dental Facilities Checklist

How-to for office closure, reopening; product-specific use.

Patient Acknowledgements and Authorizations

This document provides sample language for obtaining a patient’s acknowledgment of responsibilities and receipt of information, for obtaining a patient’s affirmation that provided information is correct and the patient agrees to treatment and payment terms.

Patient Financial Policy

There are many options to choose from, and when researching which options your practice will offer, you will likely come across practice owners who have had much success with certain methods and others who have had negative experiences with the same systems.

Patient Financial Responsibility for Elective Upgraded Services

Additional lab costs don't always have to be written off when a patient selects an upgraded service or material. Follow these tips and utilize this form to inform patients of their potential additional financial responsibility.

Patient Notifications and Disclosures Checklist

This is a checklist of required patient and public notifications and disclosures.

Patient Personal Information Form

This form is designed for internal office use only. It should not be shared with the patient and is intended to provide the practice with a way to document personal information about the patient to help refresh staff members’ minds prior to the patient visiting the practice.