Vaccine Confidence Toolkit

This toolkit was created to help dentists and the dental team understand currently available information about the COVID-19 vaccine, its distribution landscape and the process for vaccine administration as a licensed dentist. Additionally, this toolkit provides best practices and resources for dentist employers who have questions about the vaccine and their staff. 


3 Important Reasons For Adults to Get Vaccinated

Encourage vaccination with this flyer from the CDC.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information and Communication Resources

Links to external resources.

COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit

Resources to inform patients and the public about COVID-19 Vaccinations and Boosters for offices both offering vaccines and supporting vaccination. Resources include infographics, flyers, sample promotional language, addressing hesitancy, and answers to common questions.

Flu Information for Health Professionals

Key information for health care professionals on vaccination and prevention of the flu.

In-Office Vaccine Administration Resources

Below are resources and start-up guides developed to help vaccine providers begin ordering and administering vaccines to patients.

Regulations and Orders Related to COVID-19 Vaccination for DHCW

At-a-glance review of current COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Dental practices must comply with the more stringent requirement applicable to them. Current as of January 14, 2022. 

Regulations on Dentists Initiating and Administering Vaccines

A dentist who prescribes and administers any vaccine must follow requirements for training, continuing education, notifications, reporting and documentation established in Section 1066 of Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations.

Vaccine Training Requirements

Dentists are now required to complete one CDC-hosted training course instead of the previously required four courses. Find out where to access these free, online training modules.