Practice Transitions


Dental Incorporations - What You Need To Know

When starting a new business one of the first things to consider is a business structure. Legally, your business structure options include sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, and corporation.

Dental Software Transition Checklists

Developed by a long-time information technology veteran and electronic health records expert, these checklists will help you start the transition to a new software.

Leasing Commercial Property

Considerations when leasing office space. Contracts will include both assets and liabilities that will govern your tenancy, poorly negotiated leases could have negative financial impact on a practice.

Patient Records, Communication and Marketing

Patient records, communication and marketing considerations and requirements for the new practice owner. This resource includes HIPAA security requirements.

Practice Interruption and Mutual Aid Group Guidelines: Strategies for Disability or Death.

These guidelines offer assistance with the organization of a mutual aid group in the event a dentist suffers a disability or death without the benefit of a pre-written plan.

Practice Transitions: Patient Records Best Practices

Discusses the role of HIPAA business associate agreements and other steps a dentist can take to ensure the privacy and security of patient information following a practice closure or sale.

Sample Notification Letter to Dental Board Regarding Dentist's Death or Incapacity

Certain non-dentists may, upon a dentist's death or incapacity, contract with another licensed dentist or dentists to continue his or her dental practice for a period not exceeding 12 months if certain conditions are met. One of the conditions is to notify the Dental Board.

Sample Notification Letter To Patients Regarding Dentist's Death or Incapacity

To avoid claims of abandonment, dentists who are separating from practice (or the families of deceased or incapacitated dentists) must notify patients in writing.

Sample Withdrawal Letter Dentist Retiring or Relocating

To avoid claims of abandonment, dentists who are separating from practice must notify patients in writing. Use this sample letter when a dentist is retiring or relocating, and be sure to include the Request for Access to Patient Records form.

Separating From Practice Checklist

A dentist may separate from practice for one of many reasons. A dentist may retire, leave a group to go into solo practice (or vice versa), sell the practice, or relocate. Use this checklist as a guide. This list offers general information and does not take the place of legal advice.

Starting a Dental Practice Checklist

This list offers general information and does not take the place of legal advice. This list is not exhaustive, and each item may not be applicable to every situation. This list contains links to many websites and you may find it helpful to review the list on a computer with internet access. Resources can be found on Practice Support (

Unexpected Death of a Dentist (Solo Practice) Checklist

This checklist can be used after the unexpected death of a provider. Steps to assist both the staff and family with immediate decisions that need to be made within the first week following a death in a dental practice.