Call Evaluation Form

This Call Evaluation form can be used to evaluate and coach team members on effective scheduling and a positive patient experience

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

Brief compliance guidelines to consider for your practice website and promoting your practice online.

Dental Practice Marketing and Advertising 101

Marketing and advertising are critical for a dental practice to establish itself successfully and to maintain practice goals.

Effective External Marketing Strategies Checklist

Consider this checklist a comprehensive overview of areas and tactics to consider when creating your practice’s external marketing plan.

Office Environment Evaluation Form

Use this form on a quarterly basis to evaluate the appearance of your practice.

Online Review Generation Best Practices

Best practices to manage online reviews and social media accounts.

Patient Testimonials

This checklist provides an outline of the steps to take when collecting patient testimonials and conducting patient surveys.

Planning for Growth with Marketing

Developing a successful marketing plan.

Provider Biography Template

Template for writing a Provider Biography that can be used to market the practice or introduce a new provider.

Sample Patient Photograph Authorization Form

Form to gain consent when using patient photos in your practice marketing materials.

Sample Patient Testimonial Authorization Form

Use this form to obtain a patient’s written permission to display a testimonial and/or use the testimonial for future marketing efforts.

Social media marketing for your practice

Suggestions on Marketing your Dental Practice through social media.

Use Caution with Patient Referral, Loyalty Programs

Recommendations for dentists participating in patient loyalty programs; to ensure compliance with legal guidelines and CDA ethical standards.