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Practice Management

Leadership, practice ownership, patient management, practice systems and transition.

You have your own vision of what makes an ideal practice. Detail and document your vision with our sample business plans. Use step-by-step checklists for opening, transferring ownership of or closing a practice. Get tips on marketing your practice, patient education tools and more.


Dental Software Transition Checklists

Developed by a long-time information technology veteran and electronic health records expert, these checklists will help you start the transition to a new software.

Conflict Management

Resources that support the prevention and management of patient and team conflict.

Consent Form for Use or Disclosure of Patient Health Information

Use this sample form to obtain patient consent for use or disclosure of patient information as required by HIPAA and state law.

Copyright and Trademark Infringement

Brief compliance guidelines to consider for your practice website and promoting your practice online.

Credit Card Authorization Form

Utilize this form when offering patients automatic credit card payments. Be certain to comply with your merchant card processor's security standard for this type of payment.

Dental Benefits – What You Need to Know

This resource may be shared with patients to address some of the common questions about dental coverage and where to go when they are experiencing challenges with their dental plan. 

Dental Health History Form

Form designed for a provider who wishes to collect more in-depth dental health history that is not covered on the Confidential Health History Form, as well as assess the patient’s oral health and/or cosmetic concerns.

Dental Incorporations - What You Need To Know

When starting a new business one of the first things to consider is a business structure. Legally, your business structure options include sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, and corporation.

Dental Plan Credentialing

Dental credentialing is the first step in is the process of a dentist entering into a contract with a dental benefit / insurance carrier. Learn more about it in this section of the resource.

Dental Practice Marketing and Advertising 101

Marketing and advertising are critical for a dental practice to establish itself successfully and to maintain practice goals.

Dental Software Transition Checklists

Developed by a long-time information technology veteran and electronic health records expert, these checklists will help you start the transition to a new software.

Diagnostic X-rays are Required Letter

Sample letter to patient discussing the necessity of radiographs. Courtesy of TDIC.

Divorced Parents Sample Letter (Existing Minor Patients of Record)

Use for existing minor patients whose legal guardians of record have experienced a relationship change (divorce). Send a letter to both parents; responses will help you determine if you need to update the patient information and patient financial agreement.

Effective External Marketing Strategies Checklist

Consider this checklist a comprehensive overview of areas and tactics to consider when creating your practice’s external marketing plan.

Evaluating a Merchant Credit Card Processor — Checklist

Comparing processors to their competitors can be a daunting task. There is no easy way to do an apples-to-apples comparison, but we will provide you with some of the secrets of the trade, including the types of fee and pricing schedules in the marketplace

Facebook marketing for your practice

Suggestions on Marketing your Dental Practice through Facebook.

FAQ Doctor to Patient Communication Regarding Dental Plan Coverage

This FAQ offers do's and don'ts on how to have patient discussions regarding their dental benefit plans.

Financial Agreement and Consent Form

Tool to utilize during the patient financial discussion to document financial options presented, patient obligation and financial consent.

Forming a Group or Multi-Owner Dental Practice

CDA is hearing from more members who have questions about the financial, legal and operational structure of a single-unit dental practice with multiple partners. If you are considering a group practice, use the information compiled here to help you evaluate prospective partners.

How to Conduct a Team Chart Audit

Use this resource to audit charts to ensure financial integrity is being maintained by all people involved.

Immigration process

As an international dental student (IDS) at an accredited IDS program, it is best to research and understand the process to obtain work visas in the United States at least 12 months before graduation. This section covers the various types of work visas applicable to international dentists who have completed an IDS accredited program in the United States. 

Informed Consent Forms

Sample informed consent forms to aid in the face-to-face informed consent discussion between the dentist and patient. Available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Informed Refusal Form

Informed Refusal of Treatment to be signed by patient, provider and witness to document the discussion between the patient and provider on risks of declining recommended treatment.

Leasing Commercial Property

Considerations when leasing office space. Contracts will include both assets and liabilities that will govern your tenancy, poorly negotiated leases could have negative financial impact on a practice.

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Appendix A: Laws and Regulations Impacting Dentistry in California

Summarizes the laws and regulations applicable to California dental practices.

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Appendix B: Sample Associate Agreement

Developed to assist dentists in understanding the contents of a typical agreement. Many common contract terms and conditions are included in this sample with considerations provided for those areas that may be ambiguous. 

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Appendix C: Formation of a Group Practice Checklist

Checklist of the items that should be addressed or considered when forming a group dental practice.