Practice Management

Leadership, practice ownership, patient management, practice systems and transition.

You have your own vision of what makes an ideal practice. Detail and document your vision with our sample business plans. Use step-by-step checklists for opening, transferring ownership of or closing a practice. Get tips on marketing your practice, patient education tools and more.

Dental Software Transition Checklists

Developed by a long-time information technology veteran and electronic health records expert, these checklists will help you start the transition to a new software.

Supply Checklist

Checklist to ensure you have the supplies necessary to practice safely.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Guidance and resources related to workplace violence prevention regulatory compliance.

Practice Interruption and Mutual Aid Group Guidelines: Strategies for Disability or Death.

TUnexpected or untimely illness, injury or death can cause interruptions in dental practices. Ideally, a practice will have a plan in place for such events, but dentists, partners, spouses and staff are often caught unprepared and without an established plan of action.

These guidelines offer assistance with the organization of a mutual aid group in the event a dentist suffers a disability or death without the benefit of a pre-written plan.

2024 Q2 Practice Health Check: Employment Practice – Alternative Workweek Schedules and Employee Onboarding

Is your alternative workweek schedule compliant with California Law? Under California law, alternative workweek schedules permit workplaces to adopt different schedules longer than eight hours (up to 10 hours) without accruing overtime, but the process is not as simple as the employer unilaterally deciding to have an alternative workweek schedule.

Workplace Event

Resources that address how to manage an emergency workplace event.

Mental Health & Wellness

The CDA Wellness Program is available to dentists and dental team members. The program offers confidential 24/7 support.

Conflict Management

Resources that support the prevention and management of patient and team conflict.

Dental Practice Marketing and Advertising 101

Marketing and advertising are critical for a dental practice to establish itself successfully and to maintain practice goals.

Records and Documents Retention Guidelines

Use this table to determine how long to keep business records such as payroll and employee records, patient records, EOB's and more.

The Unexpected Death of the Dentist Checklist

This checklist can be used after the unexpected death of a provider. Steps to assist both the staff and family with immediate decisions that need to be made within the first week following a death in a dental practice.

The Due Diligence Process for Selling a Dental Practice

This FAQ was created to help assist member dentists with knowing what is involved in the due diligence process as…

Forming a Group or Multi-Owner Dental Practice

CDA is hearing from more members who have questions about the financial, legal and operational structure of a single-unit dental practice with multiple partners. If you are considering a group practice, use the information compiled here to help you evaluate prospective partners.

California State Mandated Reporting

California law designates certain individuals as "mandated reporters” for known or suspected abuse or neglect of a child, elder and dependent adult and incidents of violence. Dentists, and many members of the dental team, are required to acknowledge their responsibility and make reports as well as consider training for their teams.

Starting a Dental Practice Checklist

This list offers general information and does not take the place of legal advice. This list is not exhaustive, and each item may not be applicable to every situation. This list contains links to many websites and you may find it helpful to review the list on a computer with internet access. Resources can be found on Practice Support (

Immigration process

As an international dental student (IDS) at an accredited IDS program, it is best to research and understand the process to obtain work visas in the United States at least 12 months before graduation. This section covers the various types of work visas applicable to international dentists who have completed an IDS accredited program in the United States. 

Dental Incorporations - What You Need To Know

When starting a new business one of the first things to consider is a business structure. Legally, your business structure options include sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, and corporation.

2024 Q1 Practice Health Check: Regulatory Compliance – Required Cal/OSHA Documentation

Do you have a written illness and injury prevention plan? Cal/OSHA frequently issues citations with financial penalties to dental practices that do not have this plan.

New Associate Onboarding Checklist

First impressions matter when a new associate joins the team. Few onboarding goals are more critical than providing them with a positive experience in the first days and weeks of their employment.

The following checklist and suggested first-week schedule can be integrated into your practice’s onboarding plan. You may customize the checklist to fit your practice.

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Appendix B: Sample Associate Agreement

Developed to assist dentists in understanding the contents of a typical agreement. Many common contract terms and conditions are included in this sample with considerations provided for those areas that may be ambiguous. 


Creating a welcoming and safe place for LGBTQ+ patients begins with education and training. Here are some reputable resources to help you learn more about LGBTQIA+ oral health and better serve your LGBTQIA+ patients.  

Successfully Navigating Your Role as an Associate Webinar

This 1.5hr webinar provides an overview of common issues associates face when entering into associate agreements and will provide an overview of important associate contract terms including the responsibilities and obligations of both practice owners and associates.

2023 Q4 Practice Health Check – Dental Benefits

Just like you need to make sure your heating system is maintained and ready for the season ahead, examining your dental benefit billing habits on a regular basis is sound management.

Separating From Practice Checklist

A dentist may separate from practice for one of many reasons. A dentist may retire, leave a group to go into solo practice (or vice versa), sell the practice, or relocate. Use this checklist as a guide. This list offers general information and does not take the place of legal advice.

Patient Request to Access Records (Records Release) Form and Q&A

Summary of records release rules with customizable sample form. Patients have the right to access their record and can request paper, film or electronic copies.

2023 Q3 Practice Health Check: Patient Financial Management

Establishing a transparent patient financial policy is critical for setting clear expectations and maintaining a straightforward working relationship

Patient Records - Requirements and Best Practices

Format and content, patient access to records and requests to amend, disclosure of information, data breach notification, retention and disposal, transferring records in a sale.