Information and tools to help dentists evaluate dental plan provider agreements; establish fee schedules; and understand the impact to a dental practice.


Adding a Dentist to a Dental Plan as a New Provider

It is required to notify dental plans of a new provider treating patients in the office.  This resource provides information and a sample letter that can be customized and printed on office letterhead when informing dental plans of a new provider.

California Department of Managed Health Care Licensed Dental Plans

As a member service, CDA has compiled a list of dental plans from the Department of managed Health Care website.

Dental benefit contracting: It’s not all about the fees

In this article you will learn how to weigh the costs before you sign a dental benefit participating provider agreement/contract.

Dental Benefit Plan Handbook – Chapter 02: Understanding Dental Benefit Plan Contracts & Fees

Defines the types of plans to consider for your practice, contracting & contract analysis, billing & how to establish fees and more.

Dental Benefits – What You Need to Know

This resource may be shared with patients to address some of the common questions about dental coverage and where to go when they are experiencing challenges with their dental plan. 

Dental Plan Credentialing

Dental credentialing is the first step in is the process of a dentist entering into a contract with a dental benefit / insurance carrier. Learn more about it in this section of the resource.

Evaluating Dental Benefit Plans Checklist

Checklist to help guide a dentist in determining if participation with a new plan fits their model/scope of dentistry, and what to review when evaluating existing plans accepted in the dentist.

FAQ Doctor to Patient Communication Regarding Dental Plan Coverage

This FAQ offers do's and don'ts on how to have patient discussions regarding their dental benefit plans.

Offering a Discount Dental Plan in the Practice

This resource will introduce you to the basics of offering an in-house discount plan. These in-house discount plans offer patients some form of dental coverage or benefit to offset their out-of-pocket cost making it more likely that they will accept a treatment plan. Offering an in-house discount plan can assist with attracting new patients and help retain existing patients, particularly those patients without any form of dental coverage.

Sample Letter and Instruction to Inform Dental Plans of a Business Tax Identification Number Change

Use this sample letter and instruction to inform dental plans of a business Tax Identification Number change.

Sample Letter to Third Party Payer for Temporary Dentists

This sample letter should be customized and printed on office letterhead to notify a Third Party Payer when a temporary dentist will be filing in for a dentist on a leave of absence.  Commonly used in Locum Tenens, Disability Leave, Maternity Leave and other situations in which a licensed dentist who is not currently practicing at the office will temporarily be performing treatment on patients on behalf of a licensed dentist that is currently practicing at the office.

Understand Dental Benefit Plan Network Leasing/Sharing

This resource lists frequently asked questions around the practice of dental benefit plan network leasing/sharing. The resource will provide you with insight into the practice of PPO network buying and leasing/sharing.

What You Need to Know About Dropping Dental Plan Contracts

A guided checklist to assist dentists with things to consider before, during and after withdrawal from a plans network, including sample letters for use in your practice.

Why Do Dental Plans Conduct Credentialing

Dental plans conduct credentialing, which is the collection and verification of an applicant’s professional qualifications such as relevant training, licensure, certification, and/or registration to practice in a health care field and academic background, as well as an assessment of whether the practitioner meets certain criteria relating to professional competence and conduct.