Pay & Scheduling

Alternative Workweek Resources

Use these resources when adopting an alternative workweek (AWW) in a dental practice to ensure all details are met and properly reported to the Department of Industrial Relations. Includes checklist, templates and samples for use during AWW implementation.

Holiday Pay Frequently Asked Questions

Identifies California laws and clarifies office policies and benefits related to holiday pay throughout the year.

Meal and Rest Break Considerations and Sample Policy

Assists with drafting specific break policies for your practice that are compliant with California laws. 

Meal and Rest Break Printable Sign

If you want to reduce your risk of labor litigation, it’s important you understand California’s meal and rest break requirements.

Practical Guide to Employee Classifications in a Dental Practice

This information is provided to help you understand classification exemptions and salary requirements as defined in California wage and hour laws to enhance your knowledge for successful compliance in your practice.

Staff compensation for meetings and education

Common scenarios and guidelines for pay requirements for employee meetings and continuing education events.