Practice Systems

Conducting a Self-Audit

Info on practice management audits: practice strategic plan, production goals and revisions to schedule, chart audit, financial audit, billing, and how to update management policies and procedures.

Evaluating a Merchant Credit Card Processor — Checklist

Comparing processors to their competitors can be a daunting task. There is no easy way to do an apples-to-apples comparison, but we will provide you with some of the secrets of the trade, including the types of fee and pricing schedules in the marketplace

How to Conduct a Team Chart Audit

Use this resource to audit charts to ensure financial integrity is being maintained by all people involved.

Patient Portal Implementation Checklist

Understand how a patient portal can assist your practice with patient communication, record-keeping and overall office efficiency with this resource. Use our checklist to evaluate your practice’s need for a patient portal and valuable features to consider before implementation.  

Receipt of Unsolicited Products or Services

Did you receive products you did not order, and then were invoiced for them? Have you received an invoice for advertising you did not order? Use this sample letter to notify the company that state and federal law allow you, the recipient, to use or dispose of the product in any manner you see fit and that you may take action, as allowed by law, if the company continues to seek payment for the product or unsolicited service.

Records and Documents Retention Guidelines

Use this table to determine how long to keep business records such as payroll and employee records, patient records, EOB's and more.

Supply Checklist

Checklist to ensure you have the supplies necessary to practice safely.

Tips for Negotiating Service Provider Contracts

Best practices for working with outside vendors for your business. Dentists should analyze contracts closely during the negotiation process to make sure they know exactly what they are committing to.