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General Business


Automated External Defibrillators

State requirements for a business that acquires an automated external defibrillator for use on the public.

Best Defense Against Disability Lawsuits

An overview of dental practice responsibilities under Americans with Disabilities Act and state disability laws. 

Electronic Signatures

Dental practices moving to paperless systems must consider implementation of technology that captures legally valid electronic signatures.

Movie and Music Licenses Q&A

U.S. copyright laws allow owners of movies, television shows, and music to collect performance license fees from individuals and entities, such as dental practices, for public performances of the movies, television shows, and music.

Regulatory Compliance Checklist

This checklist provides an overview of what dental practices need to do to comply with the Dental Board, occupational safety, employment, environmental, radiation safety, patient privacy, information security, and general business requirements. This list offers general information and does not take the place of legal advice. This list is not exhaustive, and each item may not be applicable to every situation.

Required Employee Training

A summary of state required employee training that employers are required to provide  and related requirements. Does not include training required for licensure or license renewal.

Required Postings in a Dental Office

Lists posters required at dental offices and required pamphlets. Poster sets are distributed to practice owners biennially. This resource is part of the Regulatory Compliance Manual. Updated January 2024.

Sales and Use Tax

An overview of the sales and use tax dental practices are required to collect and pay.

Who's That Inspector?

Information to help manage situations where individuals present at a dental practice to conduct an inspection.