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Practice Management

Leadership, practice ownership, patient management, practice systems and transition.

You have your own vision of what makes an ideal practice. Detail and document your vision with our sample business plans. Use step-by-step checklists for opening, transferring ownership of or closing a practice. Get tips on marketing your practice, patient education tools and more.


Dental Software Transition Checklists

Developed by a long-time information technology veteran and electronic health records expert, these checklists will help you start the transition to a new software.

Starting a Dental Practice Checklist

This list offers general information and does not take the place of legal advice. This list is not exhaustive, and each item may not be applicable to every situation. This list contains links to many websites and you may find it helpful to review the list on a computer with internet access. Resources can be found on Practice Support (

Steps to Comply with the No Surprises Act

Information regarding the requirements to comply with the No Surprises Act which became effective January 1st, 2022.  The No Surprises Act is an effort to protect individuals and provide transparency related to health care costs. Instructions as well as samples of the required notification and the Good Faith Estimate are included.


Successfully Navigating Your Role as an Associate Webinar

This 1.5hr webinar provides an overview of common issues associates face when entering into associate agreements and will provide an overview of important associate contract terms including the responsibilities and obligations of both practice owners and associates.

Supply Checklist

Checklist to ensure you have the supplies necessary to practice safely.

Teledentistry Consent and Notice

This form serves both as a notice that complies with the Dental Board’s requirement and to obtain informed consent for teledentistry.

The Associate Interview

The interview process provides an opportunity for both the practice owner and associate candidate to assess whether their working relationship will be compatible. Get tips in this resource.

The Due Diligence Process for Selling a Dental Practice

This FAQ was created to help assist member dentists with knowing what is involved in the due diligence process as…

The Unexpected Death of the Dentist Checklist

This checklist can be used after the unexpected death of a provider. Steps to assist both the staff and family with immediate decisions that need to be made within the first week following a death in a dental practice.

Tips for Negotiating Service Provider Contracts

Best practices for working with outside vendors for your business. Dentists should analyze contracts closely during the negotiation process to make sure they know exactly what they are committing to.

Tips for the Financial Consultation

Here you’ll find some tips to help prepare your team for financial consultations. 

Use Caution with Patient Referral, Loyalty Programs

Recommendations for dentists participating in patient loyalty programs; to ensure compliance with legal guidelines and CDA ethical standards.

Workplace Event

Resources that address how to manage an emergency workplace event.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Guidance and resources related to workplace violence prevention regulatory compliance.