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Resources and information to help dentists navigate a rapidly-shifting marketplace and sustain systems in which dentists can most effectively provide quality oral health care to their patients.

CDA Member FAQ re: Delta Dental 2023 Contractual Changes

Answers to members' questions about Delta Dental’s announced contractual changes announced for Jan 1. 2023.

Delta Dental Litigation Summary

CDA has achieved a favorable settlement on behalf of dentists in our litigation against Delta Dental. CDA took a stand on your behalf — to protect your right to fair dealings — and we succeeded.

Delta Dental: On-site Quality Assessment Review Checklist

Use this list to compare aspects of a QA review with your practice's policies and procedures, and be even better prepared for a future on-site QA review.

Dentist blog from Delta Dental

Visit Delta Dental's FYI blog for industry-related news on policies, guidelines, claim filing, educational tools, events and more.

Medi-Cal Dental Program Handbook

This is a handbook contains summary of key information and requirements of the Medi-Cal Dental Program program.

Moneim, DDS, et al., vs. Delta Dental of California litigation

CDA recently became aware of a court ruling in the Moneim, DDS, et al., vs. Delta Dental of California litigation. It is our understanding that the court has ruled on some of the legal issues involved in this case, but this ruling is only part of the case as the court divided the case into 2 phases.

Uptick in Quality Assessment audits by Delta Dental of California

CDA has received an influx of member inquiries regarding the recent wave of Delta Dental of California’s Quality Assessment audits. On-site reviews are part of Delta Dental’s Quality Assessment program for contracted dentists in California, mandated by the California Department of Managed Health Care. These reviews evaluate many components of a practice compared to the expectations of dental professionals, regulatory agencies and Delta Dental.