CDA fights on behalf of member dentists.

Dental benefit plan challenges are a top concern for the majority of CDA members, causing serious disruptions in dentists’ ability to carry out treatment plans and patients’ ability to receive the care they need. We’re committed to holding plans accountable and pursuing adequate standards and more meaningful dental coverage. 

CDA’s fight for dental plan reform includes legal action, legislative advocacy, trusted news on emerging issues, expert-led education and member resources.

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What legal action is CDA taking?

Delta Dental of California’s 2023 changes to reimbursement rate structure and provider agreements have a significant impact on many members’ practices. CDA is pursuing litigation intended to require Delta Dental to honor its contractual obligations inherent in the Participating Dentist Agreement between Delta and its participating providers. CDA is also challenging whether the Delta Dental board of directors has violated its legal responsibilities, referred to as fiduciary duties.


  • December 2022: CDA files legal action against Delta Dental in San Francisco Superior Court.
  • April 2023: CDA files First Amended Complaint with additional claims and plaintiffs.
  • September 2023: The Superior Court rules that there are sufficient allegations to proceed with case. Court grants CDA and individual plaintiffs the opportunity to amend some of the claims with additional facts for consideration. Factual discovery to continue. 
  • November 2023: CDA files second amended complaint with additional facts.
  • December 2023: DDC response to second amended complaint.
  • April 2024: Hearing set for ruling on motions.
  • May 2024: The Superior Court rules in favor of Delta Dental and the individual directors and officers, resulting in the case being dismissed. CDA evaluates moving forward with an appeal or taking other actions.
  • June 2024: Deadline to file a Notice of Appeal.

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Past legal and legislative victories


In 2018, CDA achieved a favorable settlement on behalf of dentists – and their right to fair dealings – in our litigation against Delta Dental. During five years of hard-fought litigation, we successfully blocked Delta’s attempt to reduce reimbursement rates for the Premier Plan, saving providers more than $600 million. CDA has also driven multiple legislative wins on behalf of plan transparency, accountability and provider reimbursements.