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You have your own unique vision of what makes an ideal practice. Detail and document your vision with our sample business plans. Use step-by-step checklists for opening, transferring ownership or closing a practice. Get helpful marketing tips, patient education tools and more.


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Sample informed consent forms to aid in the face-to-face informed consent discussion between the dentist and patient. Available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian,…

Checklist to ensure you have the supplies necessary to practice safely.

Both state and federal law regulate the management of patient records and the information contained therein. 


Dental Software Transition Checklists

Whether you are transitioning from paper to electronic records or switching software, you will benefit from the information provided in these checklists.

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Access an online library of downloadable articles, guides, templates, checklists and forms.

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Dental Team Summit motivates attendees to drive practice success with new skills 

CDA’s Dental Team Summit debuted in May during CDA Presents. Dental teams have another opportunity to learn and grow together during the second Dental Team Summit in Northern California this fall.

July 9, 2024    Practice Management
Dental staff working on a computer
Transforming dental operations: The role of AI in streamlining back-office functions

Artificial Intelligence is no longer just a buzzword in the technological landscape; it has become a pivotal force in transforming...

June 12, 2024    Practice Management
Wooden blocks with the word safety spelled out
Virtual membership meeting offers strategies for dental practice teams to prevent workplace violence

Recent tragic events and resulting legislation have led business owners, including dentists, to think seriously about workplace violence. As a...

May 29, 2024    Regulatory Compliance