Regulatory Compliance

Dental practice, environment & radiation, infection control, Cal/OSHA and HIPAA.

Multiple state and federal agencies are charged with regulating dental practices. Keep on top of the compliance process by downloading our versatile and customizable resources.

Regulatory Compliance Manual: Table of Contents and Use Instructions

Review the instructions for recommendations on how to best implement this program in your practice. Also download a table of contents for your binder.

Use Caution with Patient Referral, Loyalty Programs

Recommendations for dentists participating in patient loyalty programs; to ensure compliance with legal guidelines and CDA ethical standards.

Uses and Disclosures of Patient Health Information

Both federal and state laws protect patient health information (PHI) in part by establishing rules for its use and disclosure. This article reviews those rules.

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

California businesses are required to review applicable orders and guidance from the state and respective local health departments related to COVID-19 hazards and prevention. 

Waste Management Training for Dental Practices

Employers who generate medical and hazardous waste must provide training to employees on appropriate management and disposal of the wastes. This checklist has the essential training elements.

Who's That Inspector?

Information to help manage situations where individuals present at a dental practice to conduct an inspection. 

Working With a Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice: What You Need To Know

A California dentist should know the scope of practice and settings for a registered dental hygienist in alternative practice (RDHAP) and a dentist’s responsibilities when working with an RDHAP.

Workplace Violence Incident Log

Use this sample form to document workplace violence incidents as required by law. This resource is part of the Regulatory Compliance Manual. Created May 2024.

Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

Customize sample plan to describe the steps your dental practice takes to prevent violence at the workplace. This resource is part of the Regulatory Compliance Manual. Created May 2024.

Written Opinion of Health Care Evaluator

Obtaining a written opinion of the health care provider is a required part of the post-exposure protocol. This form is part of the Regulatory Compliance Manual. Updated June 2024.