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Training and Non-productive Work Time Rate Sample Policy

August 26, 2021 8722

Employers need to reimburse such common expenses as work-related travel and expenses incurred within the scope of employment. 

Employee expenses should be paid for costs associated with required training, obtaining the weekly COVID-19 test, or other meetings and the time traveling to and from the event site (in excess of the employee’s regular commute time). 

The rate of pay for non-exempt (hourly) employees the time spent testing (non-productive work time) can be a paid at their regular rate of pay or reduced rate no lower than current state or local minimum wage. If employers should choose to establish a second reduced wage for weekly COVID-19 testing and travel time, employers should notify employees in advance (at least 15 days) of the new testing and travel wage rate. 

When employers require employees to attend training, or other required non-productive events after work hours or on a day off, this may result in overtime of over eight hours a day, or over 40 hours in a workweek. The overtime calculation of two or more rates of pay must include a "weighted average" of all rates of pay resulting in the employees "Regular Rate of Pay". Visit for more information.  

Use a Change in Relationship Form to document the reduced weekly COVID-19 travel and non-productive time rate and provide an updated Notice to Employee form.

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