20 Interview Red Flags

If you interview job candidates, you need a red-flag list. A red-flag list is used during the interview process to help identify “warning signs” that candidates aren’t a good fit for the practice or position. Using this list of considerations may curb your turnover and help you avoid a bad hire.

Application for Employment

California-specific application to help evaluate a candidate’s experience and skills, and information on obtaining authorization for reference checks. 

Change in Relationship Notice

Use this notice to document termination, permanent change in an employees schedule, decrease in pay and more. Employers must give immediate written notice to the employee of a change in the employment relationship.

Considerations When Hiring an Associate Checklist

Contains a list of legally required forms, regulatory and billing considerations as you prepare for your new associate.

Exempt Employee Classification Compliance Checklist

Checklist to help determine if a position meets the exempt (salaried) employment classification. 

Finding the Right Associateship: Navigating Through the Interview Process

Provides extensive questions and considerations to guide you through the interview and associate agreement process.

General New Hire Toolkit

This toolkit covers recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding, and provides a general list of basic hiring documents. 

Hiring an Associate: When is the Right Time?

Before bringing an associate into the practice, take the time to carefully examine the basis for this decision and evaluate the possible limitations of adding another dentist.

Hiring Associates Toolkit

Associates may be classified as either an independent contractor or an employee. This toolkit includes information to help you determine how to hire an associate.

Hiring Interns and Volunteers

Employers should proceed with caution when using unpaid interns or volunteers. Most interns are considered employees in the eyes of the law, which means you must comply with wage and hour laws, including paying them at least minimum wage.

Hiring or Becoming an Associate

Guidance for dentists looking to hire or become an associate. Hiring an associate will affect practice staff, the well-being of the business and the welfare of the patients. Take the time and research strategies prior to making any hiring decisions.

Hiring Temporary Employees Toolkit

Short-term employees are considered employees by the State of California and require additional documentation. This toolkit covers hiring, paying and terminating temporary employees.

Job Descriptions: Best Practices & Sample Templates

Best practices for developing a job description outlining required qualifications, expectations and job duties for every employee. Includes sample descriptions for key positions in the dental practice.

Job Offer Letter: Exempt Employee

Use this job offer letter to provide the details of rate of pay, job title, classification, and start date and time when offering employment to a potential salaried employee.

Job Offer Letter: Nonexempt Employee

Use this letter to document an hourly employees terms of the employment relationship in advance of the employees start date. A written job offer must be provided prior to conducting a background check.

Job Offer Letter: Nonexempt Temporary Employee

Use this letter to provide the employee a written offer in advance outlining the terms and timeline of the employment relationship.

Laws on employing minors in California

Information provided by CA Labor Commissioner's Office on employing minors. Employers in California must follow applicable laws when employing almost all minors under the age of 18.

New Employee Orientation and Onboarding Checklist

Checklist to help prepare for planning an optimal new employee orientation and onboarding process, including lists of forms, acknowledgements and brochures required in CA.

Non-Exempt Dental Assistant Job Offer Letter

CDA recommends the use of a job offer letter in conjunction with a verbal offer of employment.

Recruiting and Hiring Checklist

Checklist of recommended steps when recruiting and hiring new employees.

Reference checks: A small but important piece of the hiring process

Checking references is a small but important piece of the hiring process. This guide covers why an employer should consider checking prior employment as well as other references during the hiring process. This resource includes a form and sample questions.

Sample Employment Interview Questions

For use when interviewing candidates. Save and file this form and all other information collected during the candidate selection process to avoid allegations of discrimination.

Sample Job Advertisement Text

Sample advertisement text for common positions found in a dental practice.

Temporary Employees: Required Training Checklist

Temporary staff hired directly by the practice or through an agency may be considered employees of the dental practice. This includes candidates asked to perform working interviews as park of the interview process. Dental practices who employ temporary employees have the responsibility to provide site-specific safety training and patient information privacy and security training.

Use this checklist to track and document required training.

Working Interviews in a Dental Practice

On the surface, the idea of bringing in interview candidates for a few hours or days without actually hiring them until they can provide they qualify and their skills meet your needs sounds logical and ideal, doesn’t it?