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Aug. 30, 2018: Replace three Prop. 65 signs with single sign

Proposition 65 regulations were amended in 2016, requiring dental practices to replace multiple notices with one notice or provide the warning as part of the written informed consent. A dentist employing 10 or more employees and using one or more of the chemicals on the Proposition 65 list must provide a warning notice. CDA strongly encourages dental offices with fewer than 10 employees to post the sign or use the warning notice, because the definition of employee is broad and dentists should err on the side of caution. The new regulation is effective Aug. 30, 2018. However, dental practices may choose to comply with the new regulations now and they will be considered in compliance. The posting of the old Proposition 65 warning notices for restorative materials, nitrous oxide and bisphenol A is deemed compliant until the effective date of the new regulation. CDA has developed a Proposition 65 resources (zip) that includes frequently asked questions and Prop. 65 notices in numerous languages.

Dec. 22, 2016: Changes to employee rest period

Due to a California Supreme Court decision, employees must now be relieved of all duties for their two 10-minute paid break periods to be considered lawful. Employers should ensure the rest break policy does not restrict or require an employee to stay on the premises or remain available to answer business operations questions while on break. Use Sample Meal and Rest Break Policy (Doc) to update employee manuals and Practice Policy Revision Employee Acknowledgment Template (Doc) when informing staff of policy changes.

February 15, 2018: Implement New Tax Withholding Tables

On Jan. 11, 2018, the IRS issued revised tax withholding tables for employee paychecks. To comply with IRS Notice 1036, employers should implement the 2018 withholding tables as soon as possible, but no later than Feb. 15, 2018. The notice provides early release copies of the new percentage method tables for income tax withholding. To learn more about your tax responsibilities as an employer, refer to Publication 15 and recent developments at

Jan. 1, 2017: Implement new minimum wage

The minimum wage for a large employer with 26 or more employees in California will increase from $10 per hour to $10.50 per hour, and employers with 25 or fewer employees will remain at $10.00 until Jan. 1, 2018. Some cities and counties have their own ordinances beyond what is required by state law, with more expected to follow. CDA provides a guide to minimum wage ordinances by city and county and employers are advised to check with their local jurisdictions to ensure they are in compliance.

Jan. 1, 2017: Use updated informed consent forms

Written informed consent forms for the sedation/anesthesia of a minor patient must now include specific language. CDA has updated the forms to reflect the change. The language is as follows: “The administration and monitoring of general anesthesia may vary depending on the type of procedure, the type of practitioner, the age and health of the patient, and the setting in which anesthesia is provided. Risks may vary with each specific situation. You are encouraged to explore all the options available for your child’s anesthesia for his or her dental treatment, and consult with your dentist or pediatrician as needed.”

Jan. 21, 2017: Employers must use updated Form I-9

Practice owners who are hiring or planning to hire new employees must use the new Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9. As of Jan. 21, 2017, all previous versions of the form will become invalid. The new form is designed to be easier to use. It clarifies several points of confusion for employers, and includes embedded instructions for completing fields. The new form can be accessed via the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

January 1, 2018: Display New Mandatory Poster on Transgender Rights

California recently passed a new law SB 396 that requires all California employers to post a “Transgender Rights in the Workplace” poster starting January 1, 2018. The new poster must be displayed along with other mandatory workplace notices in a prominent and accessible location in the workplace. View, download and print the Transgender Rights in the Workplace poster provided by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

July 1, 2016: Submit email address

Each individual licensed or permitted by the Dental Board of California or the Dental Hygiene Committee of California must submit an email address to the Dental Board. Send an email to [email protected], using the subject line "Electronic Mail Address Requirement" and include in the body of the email the individual's name, license type, license number and email address. The electronic mail address shall be considered confidential and not subject to public disclosure.

July 1, 2017: Mandatory paid sick leave in the City of Los Angeles

PSL law will apply to employers with 25 or fewer employees as of July 1, 2017. The Los Angeles PSL ordinance contains different provisions than the state PSL law; employers within the city limits must comply with both state and local law. For each provision, protection or benefit, employers must provide whichever is more generous to the employee. Employers must also update their PSL policies accordingly.

July 1, 2017: Provide notice of protected leave for domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking

Under AB 2337, California employers with 25 or more employees must provide written notice to employees of their rights to take protected leave for domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. The notice should be provided to new employees and to other employees by request. The notice can be downloaded from the Department of Industrial Relations.

July 14, 2017: Install Amalgam Separators

With some exceptions, new dental facilities opened on or after June 14, 2017 (does not include purchase of existing dental facility) must install an amalgam separator by this date and comply with documentation requirements. Separators must be compliant with either the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) American National Standard/American Dental Association (ADA) Specification 108 for Amalgam Separators (2009) With Technical Addendum (2011) or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 11143 Standard (2008) or subsequent versions so long as that version requires amalgam separators to achieve at least a 95 percent removal efficiency.

July 18, 2016: ACA 1557: Provide interpreters, ensure accessibility

Under the Affordable Care Act, dentists participating as providers in the Denti-Cal, Medicare Advantage and CHIP (formerly known as Healthy Families) programs and those who have received Meaningful Use funding are required to comply with new federal anti-discrimination policies. They must provide interpreters or translators to patients with limited English proficiency, ensure accessible online appointment systems and billing, ensure employee health plans are in compliance with anti-discrimination laws, and comply with standards concerning dental facility alterations or new construction.

July 2018: Notice to Employees: Employment Development Department – Unemployment Insurance, State Disability Insurance, Paid Family Leave (DE 1857A)

The EDD released this new, mandatory posting on July 3, 2018 although the revision date is May 2018. EDD states that, while maintaining updated publications is always encouraged, employers can continue to use the previous version of their mandatory employer notice (DE 1857A) until January 1, 2019—at which time all employers must post the updated version.