Employee Manual Resources

Sound employment policies provide the principles by which you govern your employee relationships in a fair and consistent manner. An employee manual can provide clarity to your dental team on what is expected of them. And, when the policies are documented and applied consistently, they can prevent workplace misunderstandings.

Why do you need a manual?

An employee manual allows you to lawfully discipline employees who have violated any non-specified rules. While having an employee manual itself is not a legal requirement, there are specific laws that require you to notify employees of certain workplace rights in writing, so a well-developed manual is essential to documenting compliance with federal, state and local employment regulations. Know that outdated or erroneous policies can be as dangerous as having no policies at all.

How can CDA support you?

CDA Practice Support offers members two comprehensive resources for developing organized, structured and customized employee manuals.

Employee Manual Generator

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Employee Manual Generator

2023 manual updates are included

Content developed by employment attorneys and HR specialists

  • Standards for performance and protection against HR-related legal claims
  • Best practices tailored to your practice’s unique goals and culture
  • Federal and state-compliant policies for your practice’s size and location

Simply answer a series of questions about your practice and its current policies. Upon completion, your practice’s customized handbook will be sent as a PDF file to your email address on file with CDA.

Before you begin the online process, we strongly recommend you have already decided on and established human resources policies, including:

  • Benefits offering details (PTO, holidays, health insurance, in-house benefits, etc.)
  • Leave of absence policies and procedures that apply to your practice
  • An understanding of mandatory paid sick leave requirements for FT and PT employees
  • Rate of pay for mandatory meetings, training, travel time and on-call work
  • Alternate work schedule and its impact on benefits, as applicable

Please note, your answers will only be saved for sixty days and you must complete all steps to receive your manual.

Sample Employee Manual

Updated for 2024.

This easy-to-use Word template, which reflects updated policies, was developed by attorneys specifically for dental practices. This template provides additional guidance when developing policies and allows employers greater flexibility when creating customized practice policies.

It is highly recommended, to avoid unintended liability, before distributing your completed employee manual to your employees, have an attorney who specializes in the employment laws and regulations of your city, county and state review it.