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Regulations and Orders Related to COVID-19 Vaccination for DHCW

At-a-glance review of current COVID-19 vaccination requirements. Dental practices must comply with the more stringent requirement applicable to them. Current as of January 14, 2022. 

Regulations on Dentists Initiating and Administering Vaccines

A dentist who prescribes and administers any vaccine must follow requirements for training, continuing education, notifications, reporting and documentation established in Section 1066 of Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations.

Religious Accommodation Request Form – COVID-19 Vaccination

Use this form to document an employee's request for accommodation from a mandatory vaccine for a sincerely held religious belief.

Reporting Symptoms, Exposure or Positive Test for COVID-19: Employee Tracking Form

Use this form when an employee reports symptoms, exposure, or a positive test for COVID-19 to help track the incident.

Respiratory Protection in the Workplace

A practical guide for small-business employers

Respiratory Protection Program

Customize this sample plan which is required when an employer requires an employee to wear a respirator, such as an N95. This is part of the Regulatory Compliance Manual. Updated June 2024.

Sample Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking Form

Use this form to track track employee COVID-19 vaccination status at-a-glance. This form can be used in conjunction with the Self-Certification of Employee Vaccination Status obtained from each employee. 

Self-Certification of Employee Vaccination Status

Use this form to obtain verification and proof of vaccine status for each employee's confidential personnel file.

Step 1: Overview of Testing

In California, COVID-19 testing is within the scope of practice for dentists when used for screening for COVID-19 rather than providing a formal COVID-19 diagnosis.

Step 2: Applying for Laboratory Testing Licensure

Learn about the two main types of laboratory tests, and what requirements are needed for dentists to be eligible to administer them.

Step 3: Performing Tests

It is important that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed, including the use of appropriate PPE, test-processing times, and test material disposal.

Step 4: Reporting Requirements

Dental offices administering waived COVID-19 tests are required to report test results within a defined period through the state reporting system. 

Step 5: Billing & Reimbursement

CDA provides the following billing information and FAQs to help dentists better understand their rights under AB 526.

Step 6: Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Dentists must adhere to license renewal, record retention, and other requirements related to the laboratory license.

Step 7: Testing FAQ

Find answers to common questions about testing technology and its potential in dental settings. 

Training and Non-productive Work Time Rate Sample Policy

Employers who wish to implement a reduced wage for employee training and other non-productive time may use this template to inform and document the new practice policy. 

Vaccine Medical Exemption

Use this form to document an employee's request for accommodation from a mandatory vaccine for a medical exemption.

Vaccine Training Requirements

Dentists are now required to complete one CDC-hosted training course instead of the previously required four courses. Find out where to access these free, online training modules. 

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

California businesses are required to review applicable orders and guidance from the state and respective local health departments related to COVID-19 hazards and prevention.