Dental Assistant Training Roadmap

CDA members can access a full set of recruiting, hiring, onboarding and training materials developed by CDA’s Practice Support experts.


Application for Employment

California-specific application to help evaluate a candidate’s experience and skills, and information on obtaining authorization for reference checks. 

Conducting Performance Evaluations

Provides best practice preparation and checklists for conducting performance evaluations. Includes sample form to document an evaluation of an employee's performance.

Dental Assistant Interview Questions

Sample questions and note taking material for use during an interview with a potential Dental Assistant candidate. 

Dental Assistant Pre-Hire Assessment

Questions the practice owner should consider before hiring a new dental assistant for on-the-job and online training. 

Dental Assisting Candidate– Interview Questions

CDA has developed interview questions for members to assess their need for a new dental assistant,

Dental Assisting Categories

Summarizes allowed duties and educational requirement for all dental assisting categories.  

Job Descriptions: Best Practices & Sample Templates

Best practices for developing a job description outlining required qualifications, expectations and job duties for every employee. Includes sample descriptions for key positions in the dental practice.

Legal Reference Guide for California Dentists - Chapter 4: Employment Law

Provides answers to a series of questions related to employment laws or requirements. Employers are obligated to understand and comply with these laws.

New Hire Dental Assistant Training Schedule

Recommended weekly training plan and tasks. Record patient chart numbers, discussion notes and signatures to document completion of all tasks.

Non-Exempt Dental Assistant Offer Letter

CDA recommends the use of an offer letter in conjunction with a verbal offer of employment.

Required Employee Training

A summary of state required employee training that employers are required to provide  and related requirements. Does not include training required for licensure or license renewal.

Sample Job Advertisement Text for Hiring Untrained Dental Assistants

CDA has developed two options for use when advertising positions for untrained dental assistants. 

Sample Nondisclosure Agreement

Practices should personalize the attached sample language to their practices and confirm that the agreement is consistent with existing policies and procedures.

Tables of Permitted Duties

Dental practices utilizing dental auxiliaries must post a notice that describes their allowable duties and functions within stipulated settings and/or circumstances.

Weekly Trainer/Doctor Notes - Instructions

Trainer/Doctor Notes allow the trainer and doctor to make confidential notes regarding progress and prepare for weekly progress discussion with trainee.