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New law requires employers to provide 3 paid sick days

A new law that takes effect in July 2015 requires nearly every employer in California to allow all of its employees at least three paid sick days each year. Be certain to review your current sick leave policies to ensure you are meeting the minimum requirements of this new law.

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How Healthy is Your Business?

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Practice Assessment: How Healthy is Your Business?

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As dental professionals, we spend a tremendous amount of time and energy ensuring we provide a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan to our patients.  It is equally as important to regularly conduct a comprehensive exam, diagnosis, and treatment plan of the dental practice.

The speakers will walk you through the recommended practice management, employment management, and dental benefit plan assessments, or “exams” that every practice owner should regularly conduct. The course will highlight the “practice assessment” tools available to CDA members, and the supplemental resources that will not only help you “diagnose” the problems, but more importantly “treatment plan” the solutions.  And once you have your practice’s “treatment plan” in hand, the actual work of implementing the changes begins.  The course will address when it’s time to bring on a consultant to manage the implementation and help train the dental team.

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Dental practices should keep abreast of disease outbreaks in their community, especially aerosol transmissible diseases.  A dental practice’s ATD screening procedure should include questions on patient’s potential exposure to measles. Following is the most recent news release from the state Department of Public Health.    
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If you provide employment references for former employees, direct staff that references are provided only by the practice owner, or specific supervisor. Be consistent and keep the information professional and limited to the job title, duties performed in the office, dates of employment, salary range and if the employee is eligible for rehire.
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