Dental practices and patients benefit from ePrescription software

April 28, 2022

Since the beginning of 2022, dentists and other prescribers in California must issue electronic-data prescriptions for both controlled and noncontrolled substances with very few exceptions. Paper prescriptions are no longer allowed by state law.

The new law is a move to prevent abuses of controlled substances, particularly opioids. Electronic prescribing reduces opportunities for diversion of controlled substances by eliminating the use of paper forms, which can be lost, stolen and used illegally. Along with improved technology, this level of oversight helps practitioners and pharmacies to provide the best care possible to patients.

Here are five reasons ePrescribing can improve your practice’s clinical care.

1. Compliance with California regulations

Electronic prescribing software enables dentists to e-prescribe all medications, including controlled substances, in compliance with the state law and on any computer or device with an internet connection. This software also allows dentists to easily check their patients’ prescription histories in CURES, the state’s prescription drug monitoring database, before prescribing a schedule II-IV substance. (CURES consultations became mandatory Oct. 2, 2018).

2. Prevent prescription drug errors and monitor controlled substance prescriptions

Rapid access through your e-Prescribing software to CURES instantly shows you the patient’s prescription history of controlled substances. With all this information, you know exactly what kind of medications and controlled substances have been prescribed, as well as how often prescriptions have been filled. This immediate access to pharmacy and CURES controlled substance history can prevent you from unknowingly falling victim to “doctor shopping” or from prescribing a drug that would have a harmful interaction with another medication the patient takes.

3. Improve medication adherence and patient safety

Quick access to drug dosing, history and other resources puts critical information at your fingertips. CDA’s trusted ePrescription partners offer software that utilizes the integrated and up-to-date Prescribers’ Digital Reference, allowing prescribers the ability to check the appropriate timing, dosage and frequency of medication quickly and easily.

4. Verify insurance easily

Patients value knowing how much they will need to pay for prescribed medication. Electronic prescription software offers access to patient records and insurance information, so prescribers can verify coverage based on drug type.

5. Operate more efficiently

Patients and dental practices benefit from the efficiency of electronic prescriptions. Providers can electronically prescribe from any location, using any computer or device. Electronic prescribing combines the many steps of a prescribing workflow into one streamlined process, saving valuable time. The level of security and compliance far outweigh traditional methods, better protecting patients and your practice. Patients appreciate having the prescription they need filled by the time they leave the office and drive to the pharmacy.

CDA supports its members in the transition to electronic prescriptions by partnering with two trusted business partners, ePrescribe by Henry Schein One and iCoreRx from iCoreConnect, to offer members exclusive savings on ePrescribing software.


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