Become a Volunteer

Volunteer host assignments are available to ADA/CDA members, students and other licensed dental professionals. In order to serve as a speaker or room host, you must allow for one-hour gap between end and start of programs.

The success of CDA Presents hinges upon the time and efforts of many, including our valued speaker and room hosts. During the convention, hosts assure our speakers are well taken care of upon arrival, during their presentations and through departure.

As you consider volunteering your time, determine whether you’d prefer to serve as a speaker host, who takes care of the speaker, or room host, who takes care of the room. Also determine whether you can volunteer five hours or more to qualify for perks.

Volunteer Resources

  1. Log in to your cda account (or create a new account)
  2. Select “My Account” to access the CDA Presents Volunteer Application and then click “Search” to view all open positions.
  3. Once the event list appears, select the program(s) you prefer with available speaker host or room host positions (at least five hours to receive perks).
  4. Your application will be reviewed. Once approved, you will receive an email with your host registration code. Current CDA membership is required for all dentists that sign up to host. If you need to update your CDA membership please reach out to

Note: Host assignments for a speaker presenting all day will not be split and will be automatically linked to host that speaker for the duration of the day.

Volunteers represent CDA at the convention and are essential liaisons between the association, the speaker and the attendees. All host volunteers shall dress, communicate and perform their duties with dignity, hospitality and professionalism.


  • Positive and constructive interaction with attendees.
  • In the event an attendee becomes uncooperative or noncompliant, the host shall refer the issue to any available CDA Presents Board of Managers member.
  • Review all host information and instructions prior to and during the convention.
  • The CDA Presents Board of Managers host committee will visit all the meeting rooms during the meeting to answer any questions and evaluate that host responsibilities are being met.
  • Prudent scheduling decisions: assignments must allow for a minimum of a one-hour gap between the end of one program and the start of the next.
  • Active, attentive and consistent participation: must be present and on-task for the entirety of the course.
  • Remain in the lecture room for the entire presentation/assignment
  • Download the CDA App to your smartphone. Take time to explore the tools and resources within the app so that you can quickly find convention information and may better address attendees’ questions.

Speaker Hosts are the onsite liaison between the speaker and the CDA.

  • Contact the speaker before the meeting to ensure all details have been discussed and obtain speakers’ introduction.
  • Check-in at the Volunteer & Speaker registration booth at least 60 minutes prior to start of assignment.
  • General announcement script and 3-digit course code will be included in your packet
  • Greet the speaker upon their arrival at the speaker ready room (or other pre-determined location) at least one hour prior to presentation
  • Arrive at the room at least 45 minutes prior to the course.
  • Begin the general announcements on time, introduce the speaker to the audience
  • Remain in the lecture room for the entire presentation to assist the speaker and support the room host at the entrance of the room.
  • Closing announcement: thank the speaker for his or her presentation and the attendees for the participation. Announce the 3-digit code provided in the packet received at the registration booth. Do not distribute this code at any other time. The code is for verification purposes only.
  • Ensure a timely schedule is maintained – begin and end on time.
  • Accompany the speaker to the luncheon on the day of assignment and other CDA Presents related events.

Room Hosts have overall supervision of room requirements, general housekeeping

  • Check-in at the Volunteer & Speaker registration booth at least 60 minutes prior to start of assignment.
  • Arrive at the room at least 45 minutes prior to the course.
  • Greet attendees as they arrive for the course and ensuring everyone in the room has a seat (standing in the back of the room is not permitted).
  • Assist the Room Monitor (see below) with the management of standby seating for each course. In the unlikely event the Room Monitor needs to step away, the Room Host should stand outside the door until the Room Monitor returns.
  • Monitor attendees scanning in and out of the room
  • When the course begins and all attendees have been seated, close the doors.
  • Do not sit in the front of the room. Remain seated in the back of the room by the door.
  • Greet and direct latecomers to available seats and keep the doors closed.
  • Awareness and knowledge of facility and locations is helpful
  • Communicate any support needs to the CDA Presents Board of Managers
  • Audio-visual/lighting/room temperature/room capacity matters and safety compliance matters.

Room Monitors are temporary staff, and are responsible for monitoring the door to scan attendees’ badges to ensure that everyone who enters the room is registered for the course. To ensure courses run smoothly, they work with local volunteers to scan badges and manage standby seating for each course.

  • Attendees may not stand at the back of the room or sit on the floor; however, scouts may sit in designated chairs at the back of the room. Please note, a fire marshal is on the premises and has the right to close down a lecture due to safety concerns.
  • “Seat saving” is not allowed. If the room begins to fill, the host must advise attendees to remove their items from open seats and allow others to sit.
  • If room gets close to being full, close the doors and place the ROOM FULL sign in front of them. The sign is located behind the schedule sign.
  • Additional attendees should be allowed in one-by-one only after open seats have been identified.
  • If additional crowd control is needed, contact a Board Member or CDA Presents staff member.
  • For “full rooms,” restroom (in/out) passes can be distributed so attendees can exit and re-enter the room without scanning, as scanning out should only be done at the completion of the course. Room monitors are issued in/out passes and are also available for hosts if extra is needed located at the Volunteer & Speaker Check-in.

Arrival and departure times are used to accurately issue official C.E. credit. As a California C.E. provider, CDA is required to verify that courses are attended in full and do not overlap.

  • Partial credit will not be granted for incomplete course attendance.
  • Note: Credit will not be given if an attendee misses more than 15 minutes of the course. (Please do not publicize this 15-minute cutoff.)
  • Scanners will be covered while courses are in progress.
  • Scans will not be permitted while scanners are covered.
  • Videotaping, photographing or audio recording with personal equipment is not allowed.
  • Speakers and products are not endorsed, officially or otherwise, by CDA, except CDA Endorsed Services.
  • Course handouts can be downloaded via the Website or access via the mobile app. (Not all courses have handouts.)
  • Children are not allowed in lectures and workshops.

The success of CDA Presents hinges upon the time and efforts of many, including our valued speaker and room hosts. Please read this guide carefully, as it contains important details about your host assignment. You may also wish to print a copy of this guide and bring it for your reference during the convention.

Download Guide

In appreciation for your time and skills, all hosts volunteering five hours or more receive special benefits at CDA Presents:

  • Two complimentary tickets to the CDA Party on Friday evening
  • Complimentary lunch on the day(s) of host assignment
  • Access to CDA’s Hospitality Suite on the day(s)of host assignment
  • Access to the VIP Lounge on the day(s) of host assignment