Community Oral Health Resources

Resources for medical, dental, early childhood and public.

Healthy Smiles for Autism was created by the National Museum of Dentistry to empower parents of children with autism spectrum disorder to establish a healthy oral hygiene routine and prepare their children for a visit to the dentist.

The American Dental Association's Mouth Healthy program provides information for "Adults Over 60" to maintain their oral health.

A set of educational materials from the North Carolina Dental Society on Oral Health Education. 

CDA's fact sheets for oral health and pregnancy.

Resources from the American Dental Association.

Developed by CDA to raise awareness of the importance of continued good oral health for older adults.

The Anderson Center for Dental Care, located in San Diego and dedicated to taking care of the dental needs of pediatric patients, especially those with special healthcare needs, has developed handouts for parents of children with autism and with Down syndrome.