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General Policies

General Program Disclaimer

The continuing education program of the California Dental Association is planned and presented by the CDA Presents Board of Managers to provide attendees with relative topics, speakers, and presentations. Neither the content nor the use of specific products in a course should be construed as indicating endorsement or approval of the views presented or the products used by the California Dental Association. Speakers are required to inform participants of any financial, commercial, or promotional interest in a product or company that may influence their presentations. The California Dental Association will not be responsible for a speaker’s failure to disclose such interest. The California Dental Association encourages the attendee to make independent judgments as to the topics, speakers, and presentations as the content of the program is not reviewed, approved, or necessarily agreed upon. As such, you acknowledge that any and all actions taken by you are done so at your own risk and you further agree to hold CDA harmless from any and all liability in relation to the same. Please be advised that courses, speakers, or scheduling may change without notice.

Corporate Forum Disclaimer

Companies exhibiting at CDA Presents have a sponsorship opportunity to participate in the Corporate Forums. Participating companies have selected the speakers and topics for the sessions and paid all related expenses. The information and opinions presented are solely those of the speakers and the sponsoring companies and do not represent the opinions of, nor constitute endorsement by the California Dental Association.

Audiotaping, Videotaping, and Photography Policy

Attendees are not allowed to audiotape, videotape, or photograph any portion of the convention. This includes lectures, other meetings, the Exhibit Hall or Exhibit Hall activities, or any other portion of the convention. Violators of this policy will be removed from the premises and will have their registration revoked with no refund of registration fees or penalty to CDA.

The California Dental Association reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at any courses or events during CDA Presents without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. The CDA may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, including but not limited to: flyers, brochures, invitations, postcards, websites, etc.

Attendee Conduct

Attendee is granted permission to attend the CDA Presents show solely for the purpose of visiting exhibitor booths and attending meetings and informational sessions. Attendee shall comply with all applicable statutes, laws, ordinances, regulations, rules, codes, and other requirements of any local, state, and federal government or political subdivision thereof, together with all rules and regulations concerning the operation of the Convention Center, and all rules and regulations of CDA and any exhibitor related to the use of their respective names, trademarks, and materials. Attendee shall not use the Convention Center or the CDA Presents show itself for any unlawful purpose, in any manner as to injure persons or property in the Convention Center or the show, or in any manner objectionable to, detracting from, or out of keeping with the character of the show, including without limitation, promoting any commercial enterprise or soliciting any business from other members or guests attending the show.

Exhibitor Conduct

No exhibitor or member of an exhibit staff shall behave in a manner offensive to decency or good taste in the sole judgment of CDA staff. Exhibitors must conduct themselves in a professional manner and must maintain a professional appearance and demeanor. All exhibitors and their representatives, including models and demonstrators, must be modestly clothed. Excessively revealing attire is not permitted. Models in the employ of exhibitors must remain in the exhibit space assigned. They may not circulate in public spaces, aisles or the registration area. Undignified methods of attracting attention are prohibited. Exhibitor personnel may not enter, photograph or videotape the exhibit space of another exhibitor without permission from the latter. Exhibiting companies are responsible to ensure that all representatives working in their booth(s) abide by all exhibitor rules and regulations. Smoking is prohibited in the Convention Center at all times. This includes electronic cigarettes as well as vaping.

Registration Policies

Registration Changes and Cancellation Policy

Event changes can be made online using your personal dashboard, which can be accessed through your email confirmation. If you are canceling a registrant, please email your request to [email protected]. Refund requests received after the deadline will not be accepted.

All on site sales at CDA Presents are final sale.

Cancellation weather, traffic, parking policy

Please plan ahead for driving conditions as CDA Presents Courses are held regardless of weather conditions, traffic, and parking availability. Tickets are not resold at the door. Registration and course fees will not be refunded for late arrivals, as well as any other applicable charges for registration based on the original registration completion. 

For refund inquiries email [email protected] or call 800.232.7645.

C.E. Disclaimer

CDA follows the Dental Board of California CE Provider requirements in issuing CE Credits for license renewals. Course classifications are subject to change and will be finalized before the CE Transcript release. 

Information contained in promotional, electronic and printed materials is subject to change and allowances for modifications are not available.

Hotel and Travel Policies

Hotel Deposit/ Cancellation

Reservations will only be accepted with a credit card or check payment. All credit cards must be valid through dates of stay.

Changes, Cancellations and Refunds (Hotel)

All changes, cancellations and refund requests must be made directly with CMR®. This can be done online or by calling 844.570.5890, 6 a.m.–6 p.m., Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday. An acknowledgment of your request will be sent to you once it has been completed. You must have a cancellation number for your reservation to be considered canceled.

Refund and cancellation requests must be received prior to event, for refund of hotel deposit.

Many hotels impose early departure fees. This policy is at the discretion of the individual hotel, and the amount of the fee varies by hotel. To avoid an early departure charge, please be sure to verify your actual date of departure before checking in.

Reservations canceled on or after event, will forfeit their deposit.