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August 6, 2019

Improve your cash flow and facilitate growth with financial services designed for dentists. Bank of America offers CDA members a variety of solutions with reduced administration fees and flexible terms.

Dental Equipment Financing1

Bank of America Practice Solutions, the 2015 recipient of the Townie Choice Award Winner for Best Practice and Equipment Financing, can assist with a variety of options and flexible terms and assistance for the purchase of equipment for your practice. Plus, CDA members receive 50% off loan administration fees.3

  • 100% financing for everything from installation to training, supplies and equipment costs
  • Preserve working capital with flexible payment options and no pre-payment penalty
  • Simple interest payoffs and principal reductions that put you back in control
  • Competitive payment structures
  • Additional financing options available for loan amounts greater than $300,000

State-of-the-art equipment requires state-of-the-art financing. Use the Bank of America Practice Solutions comprehensive 3-in-1 equipment loan calculator to estimate your monthly payment, justify your expense and illustrate potential Section 179 tax benefits.4 To get going, call 866.232.5363.

New Office Start-up Financing1

Start-up needs can set the tone in establishing the success of your practice. That's why Bank of America Practice Solutions can provide you with guidance. Plus, CDA members receive 50% off loan administration fees.3We can assist you with financial resources for all of the following:

  • 100% financing for everything from design fees to cabinetry
  • A dedicated project manager resource to help get things done on time and within budget
  • With our rate lock program,2 you can protect yourself against potential interest rate changes
  • Working capital to help you get started
  • Competitive terms

Gain access to valuable tools including:

  • Business plan and budget guides
  • Complimentary Practice Heartbeat Program®5 for first-time practice owners

Don't delay. Call 866.232.5363 (866.CDA.LEND).

Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate Loans1

Whether you are buying, refinancing or relocating, this capable team of experts can help to provide you with a suite of comprehensive real estate loans to meet your business needs.

  • Conventional loans with simple applications and timely approval times
  • Competitive payment schedules to keep payments affordable
  • 51% owner occupancy required
  • Minimal down payment with little cash out of pocket
  • With our rate lock program, you can protect yourself against potential interest rate changes

For this offer, call 866.232.5363 (866.CDA.LEND).

Practice Acquisition Financing1Bank of America Practice Solutions specializes in providing financing solutions to help meet your needs by offering finance programs valued from $100,000 to $5,000,000. 

  • Interest only payment options 6
  • Competitive terms
  • Fixed rate terms to meet your specific needs
  • Up to 100% financing plus additional working capital available

CDA members receive 50% off loan administration fees.3 Interested?

Call 866.232.5363 (866.CDA.LEND).

Practice Debt Consolidation Loans1

The Bank of America Practice Solutions Practice Debt Consolidation Loan Program enables you to use the equity in your practice to consolidate your business debt.

  • Keep payments low with fixed-rate terms
  • Consult your tax advisor; loan interest may be tax-deductible4
  • Interest only payment options6
  • Pay off higher-rate business debt and lower your overhead

For this opportunity, call 866.232.5363 (866.CDA.LEND).

Practice Improvement & Expansion Financing1

Easily remodel, relocate or expand your practice. It’s a big decision to expand or remodel your practice, but the professional and financial rewards can be well worth the effort. Especially when you have the healthcare financing experts from Practice Solutions to assist on your team.

  • 100% financing for design fees, renovations and construction, equipment, cabinetry and more
  • Interest only payment options6
  • Competitive repayment terms
  • With our rate lock program,2 you can protect yourself against potential interest rate changes


1 All programs subject to credit approval and loan amounts are subject to creditworthiness. Some restrictions may apply. Bank of America may prohibit use of an account to pay off or pay down another Bank of America account. For the purpose of this offer, refinance shall mean the refinance of any non Bank of America loan. Bank of America Practice Solutions is a division of Bank of America Corporation. Bank of America is a registered trademark of Bank of America Corporation. ©2019 Bank of America Corporation.

2A nonrefundable fee is charged to lock the interest rate of an approved loan based on the amount of the loan. Not all Loan products permit an interest rate lock.

3To be eligible for this reduction applicants must provide association name and membership number at time of approval.

4Depreciation allowances under Section 179 and other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code are available to you regardless of whether you obtain financing from us. Please consult your tax advisor, as neither Bank of America, its affiliates, nor their employees provide legal, accounting and tax advice.

5Bank of America makes no express or implied warranties with respect to any aspect of the Practice Heartbeat® program, nor does it guaranty any success or promise any results, and hereby disclaims the same to the extent allowed by law. The opinions of Bank of America are based upon prior experience, and it makes no promise or guaranty that you will achieve any particular measure of success or results by participating in the program. You are not bound by any recommendations provided under this program and retain full responsibility for the results achieved by your professional practice.

6Not available on all products and restrictions apply, including the length of time for which interest only payments are permitted.


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