ePrescribe by Henry Schein One offers CDA members special pricing on electronic prescribing

December 2, 2021
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When California dentists are required by state law to electronically prescribe all medications on Jan. 1, CDA members have another option for gaining compliance. Introducing ePrescribe by Henry Schein One, CDA’s newest Endorsed Service.

CDA members may already be aware that California dentists and other prescribing health care providers will be required by state law to submit electronic prescriptions for all medications, with very few exceptions.* This was initially reported by CDA when Assembly Bill 2789 became law in 2018. The bill provided a three-year delayed implementation to allow prescribing providers the opportunity to select and implement an electronic prescribing platform. Electronic prescriptions will be required beginning Jan. 1, 2022.

It is important to emphasize that the law, as written, does not allow for telephoned, emailed or faxed prescriptions. Paper prescriptions will be completely obsolete in 2022. In order to comply with the law, prescribers will be required to use software with the capability to electronically submit prescriptions directly to the pharmacy. 

In some cases, ahead of the Jan. 1 deadline, many major retail pharmacies, such as Walmart, will only accept electronic drug prescriptions. This means that even before the deadline, dental practices should work to install either a standalone e-prescribing software or a software application associated with an electronic health record. 

California dentists who are not already utilizing electronic prescription software must take important steps to get into compliance. From identity proofing to software setup, this process can often take at least two weeks. Fortunately, CDA’s newest Endorsed Services partner, Henry Schein One ePrescribe, provides CDA members an option for sending prescriptions electronically to retail and mail-order pharmacies. Exclusive CDA member pricing on a subscription provides instant access to web-based software, which is simple to set up ― no downloads or new hardware are required.

ePrescribe offers integrated and standalone solutions

Simplifying the implementation of electronic prescribing for many dentists, ePrescribe works with all Henry Schein One practice management systems including Dentrix, Easy Dental, Dentrix Enterprise and Dentrix Ascend. This compatibility with the industry’s leading systems ensures seamless business operations during the transition from paper to electronic prescriptions. Additionally, ePrescribe offers a standalone solution that will work with other practice management solutions, regardless of the provider.

Patient safety is optimized with ePrescribe

One benefit of the move to electronic prescriptions is the potential for improving patient safety. ePrescribe eliminates many of the risks associated with handwritten prescriptions. Electronic prescriptions are always read accurately and cannot be altered on their way to the pharmacist. E-prescriptions are created electronically and instantly transmitted to the pharmacy, reducing wait times.

With the well-being of patients and providers in mind, Henry Schein One ePrescribe has additional features that helps with both compliance with the law and patient safety. ePrescribe automatically checks for drug allergies, drug interactions, dosage errors and duplicate therapies. It also connects prescribers to California’s prescription drug monitoring program known as CURES. With access to CURES, providers can look up patients in the state database while issuing prescriptions in order to monitor for “doctor shopping” and prescription drug abuse.

The e-prescribing requirement and mandatory CURES consultations are intended both to reduce the diversion of controlled substances and to help provide timely patient care. Beyond the regulatory compliance requirements, dentists may welcome the simplified clinical workflow of electronic prescribing.

CDA members receive special pricing on ePrescribe by Henry Schein One

Featured benefits of ePrescribe software are:

  • Integrates with all Henry Schein One practice management systems including Dentrix, Easy Dental, Dentrix Enterprise and Dentrix Ascend for seamless business operations
  • Works with other practice management software solutions as a stand-alone product
  • Creates electronic prescriptions that are instantly transmitted to the pharmacy
  • Helps keep patients safe by automatically checking for drug allergies, drug interactions, dosage errors and duplicate therapies
  • Meets prescription requirements set by major retail pharmacies so patients can easily get their prescriptions filled at their local retail pharmacy of choice
  • Uses insurance information to generate price estimates from nearby pharmacies so your patients can save money on their prescriptions, a TruePriceRX feature in ePrescribe

As a CDA member, you will receive exclusive discounted pricing on ePrescribe along with the necessary support to successfully implement and integrate the software into your dental practice. Visit www.HSePrescribe.com/CDA or call 866.955.2945 to take advantage of this offer or learn more.

*Dentists and other providers can provide paper prescriptions to a patient only in situations that qualify as exceptions to the e-prescribing requirement under the state law. Read the CDA article published last June for details on the e-prescribing exceptions.


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