Healthcare providers are spending more time than ever completing tasks that take them away from patient care – one of the scariest culprits is compliance. Providers are often overlooking HIPAA and the time needed to manage and review associated policies and procedures.

The Abyde software solution is the easiest way for any sized dental practice to implement and sustain comprehensive HIPAA compliance programs. Abyde’s revolutionary approach guides practices through mandatory compliance requirements such as the implementation of risk management programs, training for doctors and staff, customized policy documentation, and more.

Abyde leads with education and our customer success team is top-notch! It is our main goal that our customers feel well-educated on the complexities of compliance – we make it simple and stress-free. Our customers also see the value in our ongoing training and education; we hold a 93% retention rate!

We know compliance can be tricky and overwhelming. In a world full of complicated and outdated software ‘solutions’, select a program that streamlines all of the processes and takes the guesswork out of compliance.

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