RDA written and RDA law and ethics exams to be combined

On May 24, 2018, the Registered Dental Assistant Written and Registered Dental Assistant Law and Ethics examinations are expected to launch as a single combined exam. The Dental Board of California and the Dental Assisting Council in a December 2016 meeting agreed to take this action to “ensure that the combined examination is legally defensible and meets the requirements of Business and Professions Code Section 139.”

The new combined exam will consist of 150 questions. The exam plan is available on the dental board’s website.

In preparation for the combined exam, the separate RDA Law and Ethics and RDA Written exams will not be administered between May 15 and May 23. Candidates who do not successfully pass both of these exams by May 14 will be required to take the combined exam once it becomes available on May 24.

Because implementation of the combined exam depends on the readiness of BreEZe — the state’s licensing and enforcement system — the dental board will announce on its website any delays in the exam’s scheduled launch.

Contact the dental board with any questions by email or at 916.263.2300.

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