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eAssist Dental Solutions

March 22, 2022 1176

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Dental Billing Solutions

eAssist is the industry leader in dental billing and insurance claims processing services. Our state-of-the-art, HIPAA-compliant claims processing services allow your dental practice to thrive even in these uncertain economic times with award-winning support and personalized daily reporting on the financial health of your business.

Our dedicated dental billing experts will follow up on every single dollar in your over-90 uncollected insurance aging until we achieve a zero dollar balance for you. We'll continue to fight for you, every single day, to ensure you collect 100% of what you’re rightfully owed by insurance companies.

Our company is defined by one core purpose: Delivering peace of mind for you and your dental practice. When you partner with eAssist, you are also able to take advantage of our other services, including insurance verification, patient statement collections, scheduling and recall, credentialing & and more.

Our service discount:

  • 2.5% off your monthly invoice for our dental billing service for 21 months
  • No long-term contract required, you can cancel with 30-days notice at any time with no fees or penalties
  • No prepayments or service fees/deposits required to get started
  • Initial IT setup and specialized scanner provided for CDA members at discounted price of $500

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Get started Learn more about eAssist’s solutions at Contact eAssist at [email protected] or 415.231.1299 to get started.

DISCLAIMER: Although we have made every effort in finding the best dental plan billing service for our members, we make no assurance, representation or promise regarding future increases in claims recovery, or that you will recover any specific amount of claims, or any claims at all.

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