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Access to Care

Phased Strategies for Reducing the Barriers to Dental Care

Millions of Californians — including low-income children, the elderly and people with disabilities — face barriers to accessing the dental care they need. Barriers are multifactorial, influenced by economics, culture, education and geography – a complex problem with no single solution.

The California Dental Association is proactively addressing the problem to improve access to care through nearly a decade of work and numerous evidence-based studies. Our report, Phased Strategies for Reducing the Barriers to Dental Care in California, outlines a three-phase approach, each with multiple recommendations:

  • Establish State Oral Health Leadership and Optimize Existing Resources (years 1-3)
  • Focus on Prevention and Early Intervention for Children (years 3-5)
  • Innovate the Dental Delivery System to Expand Capacity (years 4-7)

These strategies serve as a framework to guide CDA’s efforts to find solutions that ensure underserved Californians are able to access the oral health care services they need and deserve.

CDA’s advocacy has led to improved oral health and access for over two decades.

For latest information on CDA access advocacy, visit our Newsroom.