Share Your Dental Benefit Plan Stories

Tell CDA how plan challenges are disrupting treatment for your patients. 

CDA is committed to holding dental benefit plans accountable and moving toward more meaningful dental coverage. The lack of adequate standards for benefit plans is causing serious disruptions in dentists’ ability to carry out treatment plans and patients’ ability to receive the care they need. 

Do you have first-hand stories to share about your patients’ care being disrupted by any of the following issues with their benefit plan coverage?  

  • Plans denying claims related to a patient’s pre-existing conditions, like a missing tooth or cleft palate. 
  • Arbitrary waiting periods (up to a year) after patients buy coverage before benefits can be fully used.
  • Limits on annual coverage maximums (often $1,500 – $2,000).
  • Lack of coverage for necessary dental services.
  • Confusion or denials of coverage because a plan is subject to federal ERISA law rather than California law.
  • Other challenges with dental plans you and your patients are experiencing as well that have resulted in denials of coverage or disruptions in treatment. 


We want to hear from you! CDA is sponsoring two pieces of legislation this year, AB 1048 (Wicks) and AB 952 (Wood), to address these issues on behalf of dentists and their patients. Your stories can strengthen our advocacy.

You can share your story through this web form.

Thank you for your support as we work toward plan reform. 

Please remember to NOT share any identifying personal information about your patients.