Oral facial pain, the collaborative power of dentists explored in latest Journal collections

March 6, 2024

The latest collections of the Journal of the California Dental Association spotlight two trending topics in dentistry: the evolution of the oral facial pain specialty and the collaborative power of dentists.

“The field of orofacial pain was officially recognized as the 12th specialty in dentistry in March 2020,” said Editor-in-Chief Kerry Carney, DDS. “The Journal’s orofacial pain collection celebrates this growing, evolving specialty and highlights key areas where the dental profession should continue to strive for actionable improvements.”

Articles discuss the impacts of specialty recognition on access to care, the importance of utilizing shared, clear, and consistent terminology within and across professions, and the significance of collaborative, interprofessional care. Explore this collection: Orofacial Pain.

Collaboration is the theme of the collection “Greater than the Sum,” which highlights the power of dentists and other professionals joining together to effect system change and address the root causes of health conditions.

Articles explore how dental providers overcome historical isolation by working collaboratively with other dentists, within a larger group such as local dental societies and the California Dental Association, across multiple professional disciplines, and with others that share a common mission, such as schools, churches, policymakers, and health departments. Explore this collection: Greater Than the Sum.

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