HR for Health

HR for Health

Human Resources Solutions for Dental Practitioners

Return your focus to happy employees and thriving patients! HR for Health empowers your dental
practice with a comprehensive HR solution that includes tools for hiring, onboarding, payroll, employee scheduling and managing compliance with federal, California state and local regulations.

The HR for Health all-in-one platform adapts to your specific practice needs, and their support team is on hand to guide you through tricky situations or help you automate daily processes for a smoother workflow.

See for yourself how HR for Health makes healthcare HR effortless, simple and compliant for CDA members.

As an Endorsed Service partner, HR for Health gives members a 50% discount on start-up fees when they join.

How can your practice benefit?

  • Craft your perfect policies. Build a customized employee manual and manage documentation electronically.
  • Fast track onboarding. Streamline day one with pre-loaded federal and California-specific new hire paperwork.
  • Start strong. Use detailed, specific job descriptions to get new hires up to speed quickly.
  • Stay California-compliant. Track time, attendance, meal & rest breaks and tardiness effortlessly.
  • Simplify steps to compliance. Automate tracking for expiration of licenses, certifications and continuing education.
  • Empower your team. A self-service dashboard puts control at your employees’ fingertips.
  • Master the software. Get expert support and training videos whenever you need help with an in-app feature.
  • Find peace of mind. Tap into a team of HR specialists for any HR situation – big or small.

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