A Surplus of Smiles at CDA Cares Long Beach

August 25, 2022

“I cannot begin to thank everyone involved for the services provided to me,” was one patient’s expression of gratitude following the CDA Foundation’s most recent CDA Cares volunteer-led dental clinic.

The patient was one of 67 who received care at the event held Aug. 13 at Children’s Dental Health Clinic of Long Beach, California. The CDA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the California Dental Association, hosted the clinic. With the support of 51 volunteers, dentists were able to perform 278 procedures, such as fillings, cleanings and extractions, valued at a total of $36,955 in care.

CDA Cares is a program that allows volunteer dentists, with the assistance of other dental professionals and community volunteers, to provide dental services at no charge to patients in need.

Yvonne, another patient, was both grateful and pleasantly surprised by her experience at CDA Cares. “My broken tooth was pulled, and I was given two sutures,” she explained. “Pain after the procedure has been almost nonexistent. I kept waiting for the ‘pain hammer’ to drop as it did years ago after removal of a tooth when the anesthesia wore off. It never happened!” Yvonne also appreciated the CVS gift card she was given to cover the expenses of over-the-counter medication following her procedure.

The costs of CDA Cares clinics are covered by the Foundation and generous individual and corporate donations. These free events have provided over $25 million in dental services to more than 30,000 California adults and children since 2012. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the clinics were multi-day events that treated an average of 1,950 patients.

The CDA Cares clinic in Long Beach was the second to be scaled to a smaller size for the safety and wellness of all participants. The first of these smaller events took place in Woodland, California last November and served 50 patients The lower capacity does not diminish the experience for those in attendance. “From start to finish, the entire CDA Cares experience is so rewarding,” said CDA Foundation Board Member John Taylor, DDS. “People leave with relief from pain and infection, improved opportunities for employment and a better understanding of the importance of maintaining their oral health.”

For more information about future CDA Foundation events and how to get involved, visit cdafoundation.org.


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