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You are the champion of the smile. You enable your patients to beam confidently in school photos, stand tall and proud in front of the class and laugh without hesitation. That, is a beautiful thing and it’s all because of you. And it’s why CDA passionately supports your profession.

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By becoming a member of organized dentistry, you’re ensuring that your voice and the needs of the profession are being represented on every level. Whether you are looking for education, practice support, protection, or for a stronger voice in government, you’ve come to the right place.

Members also enjoy these benefits:

How do I apply?

It’s now easier than ever to become a CDA tripartite member. You are eligible if you are a licensed dentist in California, a full-time faculty member at one of the six California dental schools, or a California dentist serving full-time military duty. One application handles your membership for ADA, CDA and your local society.

How much are dues?
Current annual CDA membership dues are $750, although special rates are available for full-time faculty members, recent graduates, recent licentiates and federal military professionals. Current American Dental Association dues are $522. Each local dental society also charges dues. Dues for your local society vary, and you will be contacted with a dues quote once your application is received.
Does CDA have a payment plan?
Yes. Simply register for our Electronic Dues Payment (EDP) program to divide your CDA dues into easy monthly payments.
Student to active membership program

What’s more, because we understand that you’re just getting started, your CDA dues will be reduced for the next four years.

Discounts for New Graduates

To apply for membership, follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the online application. After licensure, you will become a member of the ADA, CDA and the local dental society closest to your school.
  2. When you establish a permanent address, contact your local dental society or update your profile online
    *If you’ve moved out of the current dental society jurisdiction, please contact CDA (800.232.7645) to transfer your membership to the appropriate dental society. 


This is why you do what you do.

You prevent the cavities, ease the pain, straighten the wayward. In doing so, you give to your patients a world of possibility filled with smiles and all the happiness, confidence and hope that goes with them. And because you are the champion of the smile, CDA is yours. It’s why we tirelessly advocate for the profession and stand up for those in need of care. Because the world is a better place when people are smiling, and that’s thanks to you. Click here to join CDA today.

Membership for Allied Dental Health Professionals
CDA is proud to be the only California dental professional association dedicated to the entire team. Download your CDA membership application.
In the News
CDA survey seeks member interest in developing new services


CDA continually works on behalf of its members to provide quality services and benefits — support that allows California dentists to be successful and better serve their patients. CDA is currently surveying members to determine their interest in the association developing and operating a dental practice management service organization (MSO).


Online dues renewal for CDA members is now open at With membership in organized dentistry, dentists are ensuring that their voice and the needs of the profession are represented on every level. CDA provides education, practice support, protection and a stronger voice in government.


CDA makes difference for profession and public in 2013

CDA continuously works on behalf of its members to make a difference for the profession and the patients they serve – 2013 has been no different. From helping more than 4,400 people receive dental care at no charge through the CDA Cares dental events, to urging the Legislature to restore adult Denti-Cal, to expanding resources available in the area of practice support, to adding new and exciting learning opportunities at CDA Presents, CDA strived to meet the many needs of its members.