Infection Control and PPE


Cal/OSHA Regulation on Aerosol Transmissible Diseases

Compliance requirements for preventing transmission of aerosol transmissible diseases (ATDs) at health care facilities. 

COVID Addendum to the IIPP

This sample addendum to the injury and illness prevention plan has been updated for consistency with the Cal/OSHA nonemergency COVID-19 prevention regulation effective in 2023

COVID-19 Isolation and Exposure Protocol

On Jan. 9, 2024, CDPH updated its COVID-19 guidance documents on isolation and on testing. Cal/OSHA, on the same date, revised its FAQs which explain how CDPH changes impact the nonemergency COVID-19 Prevention regulation. CDPH changed the definition of “isolation period,” thus creating the possibility of a shorter isolation period for infected individuals. Cal/OSHA reinforced testing requirements for employees who are symptomatic at work or have close contact exposures at the workplace. Masks must be worn at the workplace by employees who return to work 10 or fewer days after they first experienced symptoms or had a positive test.

COVID-19 Mask, Screening and Physical Distancing FAQ

Answers to members’ top questions about physical distancing, patient screening, the use of face coverings, and other COVID-19 prevention requirements.

Disinfecting the Operatory

 Follow these step-by-step instructions for cleaning, disinfecting the operatory.

Employee Screening for COVID-19

This recommendation is current as of August 1, 2022.

Employers should continue to evaluate employee health regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.

Face Coverings and Disability Accommodations

Information for those dental practices subject to local masking orders or who have implemented mask-required policies.

Introduction to Hand Hygiene

Intro to Hand Hygiene to help protect you and your patients.

Local Public Health Department Orders Related to COVID-19, Flu

A list of local public health department orders related to COVID-19 vaccination and masking and to mandatory influenza vaccination which affect dental practices within their respective jurisdiction.

Mask and Respirator Types

A visual resource that provides information on various masks and respirators.  A downloadable and printer-friendly version is available.

Masks Optional Sign

Mask optional for patients and visitors as of April 3, 2023.

N95 Respirator/Mask Information

Compilation of resources for N95 respirator/mask requirements.

Patient Screening

Screening patients and other visitors is an essential part of COVID-19 infection prevention. Dental practices must also perform screening in compliance with Cal/OSHA regulations.

PPE Requirements for Dental Practices

Quick reference chart to understand PPE requirements for dental practices. 

Putting On and Taking Off PPE

CDC Guidance for Donning and Doffing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

Reporting Symptoms, Exposure or Positive Test for COVID-19: Employee Tracking Form

Use this form when an employee reports symptoms, exposure, or a positive test for COVID-19 to help track the incident.

Respiratory Protection in the Workplace

A practical guide for small-business employers

Respiratory Protection Program

Customize this sample plan which is required when an employer requires an employee to wear a respirator, such as an N95. This is part of the Regulatory Compliance Manual. 

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

California businesses are required to review applicable orders and guidance from the state and respective local health departments related to COVID-19 hazards and prevention.