Employee Management


COVID Addendum to the IIPP

This sample addendum to the injury and illness prevention plan has been updated for consistency with the Cal/OSHA nonemergency COVID-19 prevention regulation effective in 2023

COVID-19 Booster Declination Form

This form should be used in tandem with your Mandatory COVID-19 Booster Policy.


COVID-19 Mandatory Policy Instructions for Employers and Sample Mandatory Vaccination Policy

Employers may require employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19 as long as they engage in the interactive process with any employee who requests a reasonable accommodation

Employee Screening for COVID-19

This recommendation is current as of August 1, 2022.

Employers should continue to evaluate employee health regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.

Employer Vaccine and Booster Policies and Best Practices

Understand best practices regarding employee vaccination, including vaccine policies, employer mandates and employee vaccine reactions.

How to Pay Staff During COVID-19 Related Absence

Covers how employers must pay staff during a COVID-related illness, exposure or quarantine, time off to receive or recover from the COVID-19 vaccine, or to seek a diagnosis. 

Mandatory COVID-19 Booster Policy

If you have made the decision to require your employees to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine Booster, you can use the policy addendum below as an addition to your existing vaccination policy.

Religious Accommodation Request Form – COVID-19 Vaccination

Use this form to document an employee's request for accommodation from a mandatory vaccine for a sincerely held religious belief.

Sample Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking Form

Use this form to track track employee COVID-19 vaccination status at-a-glance. This form can be used in conjunction with the Self-Certification of Employee Vaccination Status obtained from each employee. 

Self-Certification of Employee Vaccination Status

Use this form to obtain verification and proof of vaccine status for each employee's confidential personnel file.

Training and Non-productive Work Time Rate Sample Policy

Employers who wish to implement a reduced wage for employee training and other non-productive time may use this template to inform and document the new practice policy. 

Vaccine Medical Exemption

Use this form to document an employee's request for accommodation from a mandatory vaccine for a medical exemption.