A software solution to achieve HIPAA compliance offered as a new CDA member benefit

June 22, 2022

Member dentists can now enjoy a low-stress path towards HIPAA compliance through Abyde Software Solution California Dental Association’s newest Endorsed Service.

Health care providers are spending more time than ever completing tasks that take them away from patient care. Compliance is one of the most intimidating of these. Dentist often underestimate what HIPAA requires and the time needed to manage and review associated policies and procedures.

Why does HIPAA compliance matter?

  • 27,182 HIPAA complaints were filed in 2021; 85% of those complaints were related to cyber-attacks.
  • Health care data breaches reached an all-time high in 2021, impacting 45 million patient records.
  • Health care providers have spent nearly $114 million on HIPAA fines since 2016.
  • 98% of providers audited by the Office of Civil Rights failed to have applicable content in the Notice of Privacy Practices.

Abyde’s founders and developers understood the challenges that HIPAA compliance presents dentists: compliance is overcomplicated, confusing, and missing a single complete solution. Their solution was to design software that provides an easier, more cost-effective way for dental practices to attain and sustain HIPAA compliance programs.

The Abyde software solution is the simplest way for dental practices of any size to implement and sustain comprehensive HIPAA compliance programs. Abyde’s program guides practices through mandatory compliance requirements such as the implementation of risk management programs, training for doctors and staff, customized policy documentation, and more.

Some features of the Abyde software solution include:

  • Comprehensive and easy to use features like push notifications and automated training to help you meet compliance requirements.
  • Customized policy generation based on your practice’s specific circumstances.
  • Educational resources and outgoing compliance such as engaging training videos and automatic outgoing compliance questions that assist in addressing privacy and security risks.
  • An audit protection program that ensures all HIPAA requirements are met and provides access to HIPAA experts when additional consultation is required.

CDA designated Abyde as an Endorsed Service to our members because not only is the software useful and user-friendly, but Abyde also has an impressive commitment to customer service. Its main goals are customer satisfaction and education. Abyde’s simple, low-stress approach to HIPAA compliance and customer attentiveness have earned it an impressive 93% customer retention rate.

Schedule a consultation with Abyde if you need advice on where to get started with HIPAA compliance. Take Abyde’s HIPAA Challenge to see how your practice stacks up when it comes to HIPAA compliance. Or get started right away and sign up for Abyde software today – get one month free using the promo code CDA10.

CDA Endorsed Services is a member benefit that provides savings on a variety of products and services from trusted vendors. Every Endorsed Service has been researched and approved by CDA.


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