Dental board conducting C.E. audits for license renewal

The Dental Board of California is currently in the process of auditing random dental practices to ensure that licensees are meeting the continuing education (C.E.) requirements necessary for license renewal.

Over the last year, the dental board has been auditing approximately 60 dentists per month. Two issues identified during these audits are that licensees are unable to produce the appropriate certificate of completion for C.E. courses, and licensees are taking classes that are not dental-related.

“I think it is important to remind licensees that they are required to maintain documentation of successful completion of their continuing education courses for no fewer than three renewal cycles; and if audited, they are required to provide that documentation to the board upon request,” said Karen Fischer, the Board’s executive officer.

The minimum requirement for each dental license biennial renewal period is 50 hours (units) of C.E., and must include an approved course in “basic life support” (licensees renewing for the first time are exempt from this requirement), and two hours each of California Infection Control and the California Dental Practice Act.

A dentist’s signature on his or her license renewal application is an attestation that he or she has fulfilled the C.E. requirement. Dentists subject to a board audit who fail to produce an accurate record of completed C.E. courses may be issued a citation and fined. Furthermore, a licensee who fails to pay the fine and submit C.E. documentation may be referred for discipline. In both cases, the licensee will not be able to renew his or her dental license until all fines are paid and proper proof of C.E. completion is presented.

Dentists can earn C.E. from various sources, which are listed on the board’s website. CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry takes place twice a year (once in San Francisco and once in Anaheim). The three-day convention, which is one of the many benefits of CDA membership, is a way for dentists to earn C.E. from some of the profession’s most notable and respected speakers.

Dentists who complete C.E. at CDA Presents can retrieve proof of course completion for any course they have taken at the convention on cda.org. CDA Presents keeps a dentist’s record of C.E. completion on file indefinitely.

For more information on the C.E. requirements, visit dbc.ca.gov. For more information on CDA Presents, visit cdapresents.com.