Update and Journal ePubs now available

CDA has launched digital versions of Update and the Journal as a way to communicate industry and member news across more platforms.  

The “ePubs,” which are available for download on the iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store, will be accessible every month as a supplement to the print versions of both publications.

“We are excited that we can now offer our publications in a format that will allow even more of our members to conveniently get information on what is happening in the profession and at CDA,” said CDA President Lindsey Robinson, DDS.

The ePubs allow greater interactivity and feature video and audio content layered on top of articles as well as a built-in sharing function for various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest, in addition to email. A key feature of the new ePubs is the “clippings” function, which allows users to select a visual piece of an article or photo and share it through social media or email. When that selection is shared, a link to the original article also will appear.

The Update and Journal ePubs function on all major tablets and smartphones that use the iOS, Android or Kindle Fire platforms. Both ePubs operate on the MAZ app platform, which is used by hundreds of major magazines including Inc. and Forbes.

The ePubs also offer readers a more streamlined process for obtaining further information as it relates to the printed articles. When studies and reports are referred to in the Journal, for example, the ePub allows users to click a link and be taken directly to those reports.

“This will merge the print experience with the newly revamped cda.org, and add the benefit of being able to quickly share content from your mobile devices at the same time,” Robinson said.

For more information and to download the ePubs, visit cda.org/apps.