Ultimate guide to social media now available

CDA Endorsed Program ProSites Inc., has released a series of guides to help dentists navigate the multiple social media platforms that are currently available.

Broken down into five categories (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+), the Ultimate Social Media Guide Series offers tips on how to use the various platforms and ideas for what to post.

“We wanted to help dentists think out of the box and get them started, so we chose to create a guide for the most effective and popular social platforms out there right now,” said Brooke Franks, copywriter at ProSites.

The Facebook guide provides tips on how to get an account started and how to set up a page, setting a location, how to develop a description of the practice, etc. How to place a cover photo (with the correct dimensions), a glossary of common terms and tips on how, what and when to post also are included.

“Facebook is the most time-consuming because there are so many things you can do with a Facebook profile — you can get to a point where patients are scheduling appointments on a Facebook tab, but this guide provides more introductory information,” Franks said. “Facebook has a lot of customization to it so it can be confusing, but starting off, you have to have content that is entertaining and informational.”

Another one of the guides focuses on Pinterest, which is one of the fastest-growing traffic referral sources. The guide explains that Pinterest helps potential patients discover new products and brands and helps practices achieve greater visibility on search engines.

The guide provides tips on how to create a Pinterest page, building a “Board,” posting your first “Pin” and what content to push out.

“Instagram and Pinterest are more about branding the practice; it is about showing your patients who you are,” Franks said. “Visual content marketing is becoming more popular, and the primary audience for Pinterest right now is women between the ages of 24 and 35 — which is the age of a lot of young mothers, so it’s a huge market, especially for pediatric and family dentists.”

The guide shares ideas for “Boards” such as “Brands We Love,” “Celebrity Smiles,” “Inspiration” and more.  

The other three guides (Twitter, Instagram and Google+) follow the same script in helping dentists get their social media presence off the ground. The goal: allowing the practice to boost its brand and have a conversation with its current and prospective patients.

“Social media is first and foremost a conversation. You can’t just post things on social media and think you are done; you have to monitor the comments, see if your name is being mentioned anywhere and interact with your followers.”