Tradeshow floor boasts hundreds of innovative products

Dentists who are looking for the latest technology, products and services in dentistry will find it on the tradeshow floor at CDA Presents in San Francisco.

The San Francisco tradeshow features several new products. More than 375 exhibitors will be spotlighting the latest in dental technology at the Moscone Center on Aug. 15-17, including these Cool Products.

Air Techniques, Booth 1012     


Air Techniques introduces The Monarch line of hygiene protection products for surfaces, instruments, skin and hands and equipment.

The company says the product does the following:

  • 60-second kill times or less for TB, viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Packaging that reduces the amount of plastic waste.
  • One-step cleaning and disinfecting method saves time and uses 50 percent less product.
  • Clear color-coding by type of product.

Kainos Dental Technologies LLC, Booth 839        

Gorilla Crowns and Bridges

Kainos introduces the third generation of zirconia-based restorations. Available in two designs that balance strength, beauty and versatility. Visit kainosdental.com to learn about a new breed of zirconia restorations.

The company says the product does the following:

  • Gorilla HY is the first and only hybrid design to maximize esthetics and strength.
  • Gorilla FZ is a full contour design for strength and industry best esthetics.
  • Both options provide cementation choices, precise fit and more.

GumChucks at OralWise Inc., Booth 1941


GumChucks is an innovative new flossing tool for children that makes flossing fun, easy and effective. Resembling miniature nunchucks, the two-handle system allows kids to easily create the recommended “C” shape, reach posterior teeth and control floss tension, all without putting their fingers in their mouths.

The company has the following updates on their products:

  • Now Available — GumChucks Pro, the new adult version and the new GumChucks Chairside Tools.
  • Coming Soon — Orthogami, a specially designed flossing tip for use with the GumChucks handles, which makes flossing for orthodontic patients fast, easy and effective.
  • Brochures, displays, informational videos, commercials and a game app for marketing and merchandising.

ProSites, Booths 919,1733

ProSites Mobile Website Solution

Reach on-the-go patients with a new ProSites mobile website. With user-friendly navigation and prominent click-to-call and click-to-map icons, patients can find and contact your practice instantly. Plus, add unlimited pages, showcase your services and play videos right from your mobile site.

For a complete list of all the new products at CDA Presents, visit cdapresents.com.

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