Top five: Spotlight on CDA Practice Support resources

In addition to advice from experts on the business side of dentistry, CDA Practice Support provides a full online library of articles, guides, templates and tools. Check out five of the most popular resources this quarter and see how they can help make running your practice easier and more efficient.

1. Required Postings in a Dental Office
This resource contains links to employment posters and pamphlets that are required in dental offices. As a membership benefit, CDA offers most of these posters, which can also can be printed or ordered from federal or state agency websites. This resource is part of the CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual.

2. Hazardous and Universal Waste Management and Disposal Plan
This sample plan illustrates the hazardous and universal wastes in a dental practice and how to manage and dispose of them in accordance with federal and state laws. This resource is part of the CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual.

3. Payment Dispute Resolution Forms and Processes
Providers have two levels for appealing payment disputes with health plans. The first level is with the plan itself. If a dispute is not resolved with the plan, then the provider may appeal with the appropriate regulatory agency. This resource provides a detailed list of contacts and appropriate processes.

4. Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave Ordinances by City/County
As employers, practice owners must comply with local ordinances that govern minimum wage and sick leave in their cities and counties. Employers should check with their local city or county to make sure they are up to date, as these ordinances are expected to change over time. This resources provides the minimum wage or sick leave requirements for the 17 different jurisdictions.

5. Patient Testimonials and Surveys Checklist
Testimonials help practices shine, but only if they’re solicited and curated the right way. This checklist provides an outline of the steps to take when collecting patient testimonials and conducting patient surveys.

Review and download these resources at cda.org/practicesupport and explore hundreds of other tools to support smart practice management, regulatory compliance, employment practices and participation with dental benefit plans.

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CDA Practice Support occasionally hears a complaint from dental offices that a plan granted a preauthorization for treatment and then denied payment when the claim was submitted. Digging a little deeper into these complaints, there may be some confusion between what constitutes a “preauthorization” and what is a “predetermination” or pre-estimate of benefits.

A number of local minimum wage increases across California will take effect July 1, 2017. Eligibility rules may vary among these locations. Practice owners should review the individual city ordinances and follow posting requirements to be in compliance. Employers should update practice employee manuals and policies accordingly. Employers in the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles are also due to comply with local leave laws beginning July 1.

CDA has created a new online resource guide to help dentists meet requirements and follow best practices when prescribing opioids for the treatment of patients' dental pain. This resource is CDA's latest in ongoing efforts to address and combat California's opioid epidemic and ensure members have the most up-to-date information to maintain compliance in the dental practice.