Top 10 CDA Practice Support resources of 2014

CDA Practice Support is designed to help dentists navigate the business side of dentistry with ease. The free member benefit is chock-full of valuable resources to help dentists do everything from start a new practice to create their own employee manual. There’s even insight to help them choose the right dental benefit plans.

With more than 600 resources available, CDA Practice Support helps dentists successfully navigate their business and provide top-notch care to their patients at the same time.

“It can be difficult for dentists to juggle all of the things that go into running a successful practice, and that is where CDA Practice Support comes in,” said Scott Szotko, DDS, chair of the Council on Practice Support. “When a dentist becomes a member of CDA, there are a lot of benefits that come with it, Practice Support is one that you should definitely be taking advantage of.”

Below are the top 10 CDA Practice Support resources of 2014 available to members for free.

  1. Sample Employee Manual An employee manual is one of the most important reference and communication tools between an employer and employees. It clearly describes expectations and office policies that dentists develop to set the tone of their office environment.
  2. HIPAA and California Health Information Privacy and Protection Laws Q&A – An overview of the various privacy laws, plus answers to questions commonly asked by dental practices.
  3. Controlled Substances Prescribing & Dispensing A summary of the state and federal rules on prescribing and dispensing controlled substances.
  4. New Employee Checklist Ensure all new employees are given the correct forms, that proper information is contained in the employment files and that each employee has been provided the proper training.
  5. Dental Benefit Plan Handbook By legal mandate, California requires every dental plan to have a formal procedure that network providers can use to challenge adverse payment practices or specific payment decisions. Know the proper steps in appealing a claim.
  6. Starting a Dental Practice Checklist Wondering where to start? This checklist provides an overview of the items that should be addressed once a dentist has decided to start their own dental practice.
  7. Dental Practice Marketing and Advertising 101 Basic and essential information on dental practice marketing and advertising. General descriptions on how to start the marketing process and different marketing methods. In addition, this article provides the laws and ethics of dental practice marketing and advertising in California.
  8. Injury and Illness Prevention Plan Required by Cal/OSHA, this sample written plan contains elements necessary for a dental practice to be exempt from most requirements of the Cal/OSHA Aerosol Transmissible Diseases regulation.
  9. Choosing a Practice Model Most private practice dentists don’t see themselves as operating within a particular business “model” for their practice. One key to long-term success for dentists, however, is understanding the role dental benefit plans play in the dental practice as a business.
  10. Offering an In-Office Payment Assistance Program for Your Patients What dentists need to know before creating a payment assistance program for cash-paying patients.

Access all of the CDA Practice Support resources by clicking the orange tabs on the right side of the page at cda.org/practicesupport.