Top 10 CDA Practice Support resources in 2015

CDA Practice Support is designed to help dentists navigate the business side of dentistry with ease, and it is chock-full of valuable resources to help them run their practices.

Below are the top 10 CDA Practice Support resources of 2015 in the categories of practice management, employment practices, dental benefit plans and regulatory compliance.

Sample Employee Manual

This template has been updated to reflect new 2015 laws. Additionally, the new manual provides more assistance in the areas of social media, vacation accrual, sick leave and pregnancy leave. The manual was developed by an attorney to be used specifically in a dental office. An employee manual is one of the most important reference and communication tools between an employer and employees. It clearly describes expectations and office policies.

Injury and Illness Prevention Plan

This is a sample plan that dentists can customize to describe how their practice prevents workplace injuries and illness. If a dentist has employees, he or she must have this plan. This resource is part of the CDA Regulatory Compliance Manual and has been updated to include procedures for screening patients with aerosol transmissible diseases

Hazard Communication Plan

This is a sample plan that dentists can customize to describe how their practice communicates to employees regarding workplace hazards. This sample plan was updated to incorporate changes required by the 2012 amendments to the Hazard Communication regulation.

New Employee Checklist

This checklist will provide an overview of the required and suggested forms that should be provided once a dentist has hired a new employee in the practice.

New Patient Forms

The New Patient Forms are provided as comprehensive resources pertaining to the gathering of information from the new patient. The forms can be implemented collectively or may be utilized in an "a la carte" fashion for the practice that may have some but not all of the forms already in place.

California Paid Sick Leave Law (AB 1522)

The effective date for employers to begin providing mandatory sick leave to all employees was July 1, 2015, or on the first day of employment for new employees. However, employers must comply with displaying the required poster for employees as of Jan. 1, 2015.

Medical Waste Management and Disposal Plan

Use this sample plan to describe the medical waste management and disposal procedures of the dental practice. It contains information required by the California Medical Waste Management Act, Health and Safety Code Sections 117600-118360.

Guidelines for Informed Consent — English (zip file)

Sample informed consent forms to aid in the face-to-face informed consent discussion between the dentist and patient. This discussion involves providing the patient with information about the nature of the proposed treatment, the benefits and alternatives of the proposed treatment, the risks of treatment and any other information specific to the patient's unique condition. Patients who refuse treatment must be informed of the potential consequences of their decision. The informed consent discussion should be documented in the patient record.

Benefit Breakdown Form

In order to provide patients with the best possible treatment estimate, dentists can utilize this form as an aid in verifying patients' dental benefits.

End of Year Letter to Patient Regarding Dental Benefits

The purpose of this letter is to encourage patients to schedule pending treatment that may be covered by the dental benefit plan prior to the end of the benefit year. This letter should inform the patient with dental benefit coverage of the benefits available to the patient and to the patient's family members eligible under the dental benefit plan.

For more information on these resources, visit cda.org/practicesupport.

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