Three CDA members share their tdsc.com supply savings

What could your practice do with an extra $10,000 each year? For many dental practices, supplies now commonly equate to 6-7 percent of collections. An office with $800,000 in income that spends 6.5 percent on supplies ($52,000) could save $10,400 per year by cutting 20 percent of its supply costs.

The Dentists Supply Company has allowed members of organized dentistry to leverage combined purchasing power to acquire the same supplies they love, all from authorized vendors and at negotiated savings. In fact, the online shopping site tdsc.com continues to trend at 20 percent average savings compared to MSRP.

“This is a very real and tangible product of organized dentistry that directly supports private practice,” said Nicholas C. Marongiu, DDS. By shopping tdsc.com last year, his practice saved enough on supplies to cover the purchase of new digital radiograph sensors.

The savings potential is even more impressive when evaluated against the prices shoppers have been paying to other leading suppliers. When comparing tdsc.com pricing to that of his practice’s former main supplier, Dr. Marongiu estimated his savings to be greater than $20,000.

For Richard Barnes, DDS, the savings have already added up to more than $30,000. The site has streamlined his practice’s supply shopping, helped control costs and lowered his overhead.

“I have my RDA do all the ordering and it takes her a few minutes. And I save over $1,000 a month!” he said.

The substantial savings give association members more freedom and flexibility when it comes to dental supplies. Many have discovered just how satisfying it is to finding remarkable deals. And they are even more satisfied when they realize that remarkable deal is the everyday price. For Dr. Barnes, that extra satisfaction comes from saving 40 percent on a single product. And for Gabriela Garcia-Rojas, DDS, it’s saving 30-50 percent on the same products she had been ordering from another leading supplier.

Low prices can often make shoppers pause and ask, is the product authentic? Is it sold through an authorized vendor or through an unsecured “gray market” supply chain? It’s important that dentists, as small-business owners, make informed decisions about the products they bring into their practices. CDA member dentists have expressed their comfort and confidence in shopping tdsc.com because they know that this company founded by dentists has their best interests in mind. Every TDSC product is sourced from an authorized vendor and the lower prices are fueled by association members’ collective purchasing power.

“TDSC is a new platform that continues to grow — and get better and better — and offer unparalleled savings,” said Marongiu.

Visit tdsc.com/pricecompare to request a product-by-product price comparison and see how much your practice could save on dental supplies.

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The Dentists Supply Company has announced plans to roll out access to its shopping site, tdsc.com, to tripartite members in nine Western states. The rollout is the first phase of TDSC’s nationwide expansion, which will allow members of organized dentistry to benefit from 20 percent average savings on a broad online catalog of supplies from authorized vendors, plus free shipping.

When considering a purchase, dentists rated “quality” as the most important attribute of dental suppliers. In fact, this attribute was rated the leading factor by 64 percent of dentists in 2017. By 2018, quality was still at 53 percent, but price had grown from 19 percent to 22 percent. The good news is that practices don’t have to sacrifice the supplies they love or the brands they trust to control costs.