TDSC Western-states expansion gains media coverage

The Dentists Supply Company’s announcement of its Western-states expansion in November generated publicity in several national dental publications and a regional business journal. The articles highlighted the expanded supply offerings to nine additional states, allowing association members of organized dentistry to benefit from 20 percent average savings on a broad online catalog of supplies. California dentists have already saved more than $2.6 million on their supply purchases through tdsc.com.

TDSC’s rollout to Western states is part of a phased nationwide expansion expected to be complete by mid-year. Dentists who shop for supplies on tdsc.com can choose from a large variety of supplies from authorized vendors, plus free shipping. 

Interim CEO Jim Wiggett spoke with several news publications to give insight on how TDSC is making its mark in the $10 billion dental supply industry. Here’s what Wiggett said about tdsc.com:

“The e-commerce platform is ideal for dentists who want to protect themselves and their ability to run independently ….” (Sacramento Business Journal)

“The goal is to find the best value. Value is the balance between quality/authenticity of the product and price. For highly disposable products, dentists may be driven more by price, but anything that is going into a patient’s mouth or has a clinical application requires more of a quality standard.” (Inside Dentistry)

“Even in retail, 10 to 15 years ago, people were hesitant to use e-commerce, but that is the dominant channel now. We believe that will be true in the dental profession as well, especially as the number of dentists and laboratory owners who grew up with e-commerce increases. Our website allows dentists and laboratories to access a wide range of brands and products quickly and easily, with confidence that they are genuine and authentic, as we do not sell gray-market products.” (Inside Dental Technology)

“Amazon will be a competitor. The answer is, do you want to stay inside the profession or do you want to go somewhere outside that requires rewarding shareholders. … The dentists have their own ecosystem where they are buying their own products for their use with patients. We have all the brand names and generics. It's a win-win.” (Becker’s Dental Review)

The shared strength of CDA’s large membership base coupled with shoppers’ support through peer-to-peer testimonials has been essential to the site’s success. Members can sign in today, start shopping and see savings add up right away.

Learn more about a different way to shop that benefits members. Visit tdsc.com to start saving.

Price comparisons are made to the manufacturer’s list price. Actual savings on tdsc.com will vary on a product-by-product basis.

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With The Dentists Supply Company’s recent expansion, members of organized dentistry in 10 states are now enjoying collective buying power on dental supplies through tdsc.com. Shoppers continue to see 20 percent average savings compared to MSRP; however, the online savings are often even greater when compared to the prices they’ve been paying other suppliers.

The Dentists Supply Company continues to expand its online catalog of supplies and small equipment to meet the needs of its growing shopper base. The selection spans everything from adhesives to X-ray materials, plus a few new items designed to bring smiles to the entire practice team. Newly added to tdsc.com is a TDSC Merchandise category that includes fun items to wear and give.