TDSC Marketplace on target for $1 million in savings by CDA Presents

When CDA’s subsidiary The Dentists Service Company launched the TDSC Marketplace last year, it was with a bold mission: to deliver practice-changing savings on dental supplies to CDA members. Now the group purchasing benefits realized through tdsc.com are supporting members in reducing overhead and streamlining purchasing operations.

Learn more about this new member benefit at CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry in Anaheim May 17–19. Stop by CDA’s Member Benefits Center in booth 1102 of the convention exhibit hall, where the Marketplace team will showcase the site and help attendees “test drive” features.

  • Use large interactive touch screens to experience the site and explore the online catalog.
  • Bring your office team to the booth and get your practice set up to shop. See how to make your current purchasing process easier.
  • Get help from the knowledgeable team, compare products and pricing and find savings on your favorite dental supplies.
  • Enter to win one of three Apple iPad daily prizes.

The TDSC Marketplace will have reached the $1 million savings milestone by the first day of CDA Presents. Here’s how the Marketplace has quickly grown to be a valued CDA membership benefit:

  • More shoppers mean more savings. The group purchasing power of CDA’s large membership means TDSC can negotiate for significant savings on every product. Average sitewide savings are 20-plus percent compared to manufacturers’ suggested retail prices.
  • Members are sharing the benefits. Through social media and word-of-mouth testimonials, Marketplace shoppers have been telling their peers and colleagues about the site and helping to sustain the buying power.
  • The catalog continues to evolve. The site is now a single source for more than 25,000 products, with more being added in response to shopper requests.
  • New features streamline shopping. Enhancements such as saved shopping lists and quick compare tools make it even easier to get organized and save time in the back office.

Join CDA members who are enjoying dental supply savings as a bold benefit of organized dentistry.

Learn more about tdsc.com and meet the Marketplace team at CDA Presents Anaheim. Visit CDA’s Member Benefits Center in booth 1102.

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Also known as “the law of the vital few,” the Pareto principle is often expressed as 80 percent of effects coming from 20 percent of causes. You’ve likely observed this phenomenon in your own practice — whether it’s a large percentage of revenue coming from a relatively small number of procedures or a high percentage of new patients coming in from one of your many marketing efforts. However, one of the areas in which the Pareto principle is most evident is in your dental supply budget.

Your purchasing decisions make a significant impact on both your bottom line and how your office team allocates its time. In fact, the details revealed in just a single order can help you understand true costs, control overhead and streamline operations. The TDSC Marketplace is a new source for dental supply savings for CDA members. Here, an actual order from a current Marketplace shopper is broken down to highlight strengths and opportunities for further efficiencies.